NTD News Today | Jan 12, 2021 (Video)

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0:00 NTD News Today—01/12/2021 0:58 Trump:’ I’ve Never Seen Such Anger’ 1:45 Trump Approves Emergency Declaration in DC 3:15 Facebook Removes ‘Stop the Steal’ Content 3:58. Twitter Suspends Over 70K Qanon Accounts 4:33 Amazon Removing Qanon Products 5:04 World Leaders Denounce Censorship of Trump 6:00 Epik: Parler Has Not Contacted Us 7:20 Pompeo Condemns Censorship 9:25 Cuba Listed as State Sponsor of Terrorism 10:09 Jayapal Tests Positive After Joint Session 10:41 House Dems Bring Impeachment Resolution 12:42 Talk of New Political Party Emerges 14:32 Florida Human Trafficking Sting Nabs 71 Men 15:53 Gov. Cuomo:’ We Must Reopen the Economy’ 16:40 Judges Again say ‘No’ to NY Church Limits 17:18 200,000+ People Vaccinated in New York City 19:47 Jan. 8-10 Conference to Reopen California 23:10 Gorillas at Zoo Test Positive for Virus 24:47 California Fighting Unemployment Fraud 26:34 WHO Experts to Arrive in China on Thursday 27:45 Chinese Courts Bans Amazon from Using Logo 28:50 US First Open Meeting with Taiwan Rep 29:32 New Passport to Distinguish from China 31:30 New US Tariffs on EU Goods Kick in 33:03 Samsung Unveils New ‘Smart’ Appliances 34:54 Ford Wins 2 of 3 Car of the Year Awards 35:39 Recall Alert: Ice Cream May Contain Metal 36:22 Start-Up Hopes to Revolutionize Meetings 38:59 Beijing Funds UK Youtubers for Propaganda 39:45 Italian Students Protest ‘Unsafe’ Campuses 41:01 UK Chief Medical Officer’s ‘Warning’ 42:22 Germany: New Lockdown Rules Criticized 43:02 Snow Paralyzes Vaccine Rollout in Spain 44:11 Bosnian Man Becomes Viking Enthusiast 45:38 Tours Go Digital in Berlin 47:41 South Korea Startup Creates Smart Dog Collar 49:07 Skier Reaches 55Mph in Double Front Flip

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