Open Letter by Robert Shrewsbury to the President about ancient artifacts, records, burial remains of giants and other matters – dt. Oct 23, 2004 | Terry Carter (Video)

RIP – Robert Shrewsbury (born: Feb 19, 1950, died: Dec 10, 2022)



An open letter to President of the United States, in which the author, Robert Shrewsbury, discusses the role of the United States in dealing with ancient civilizations, and how various groups such as sciences, politics, religions, and vested interests have dealt with them.

Shrewsbury talks about the discoveries made by two men, Earl John Brewer and Russell Burrows, who were subsequently accused of fraudulent fabrication and deceit. Shrewsbury believes that there are people who are afraid of the truth and do not want it to be revealed. He talks about how the majority of artifacts and records of ancient civilizations are being looted and placed in private collections, instead of being available for open scientific knowledge, research, and study.

Shrewsbury also talks about how some countries have good laws that protect antiquities from being looted and allow museums, universities, and viable tourism to work. The subject of giants in America during ancient times is also discussed. Shrewsbury expresses a desire to acquire some of the ancient sites and help facilitate the acquisition of such sites.

The letter encourages the public to join in the effort to acquire the truth and to acquire funding for museums to showcase these findings.

This video was published on Apr 24, 2023.

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Content Source: Terry Carter

Ancient Historical Research Foundation


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