Preparation for the New World | Monique Mathieu | Dec 5, 2020

This transmission was published around Dec 13, 2020.
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Preparation for the new world
“We are asking you today to be patient a little longer. The Sun is there, the Light is there, the other dimension is there! The immense door that will open upon the new dimension of the being, upon the new world, will probably open instantaneously!
It is not yet the moment, because many beings would be in more than shattered. Many beings would not support it!
You must understand the way in which the psychology of human beings works. There is a stage that must not be gone beyond because the human psychology has something like “valves of protection”.
When things go too far for human comprehension, these valves of protection close themselves so that the human can maintain his equilibrium.
You cannot give certain information that is too strong, too powerful, without there being a staggering effect, without also, from time to time, annihilation, because beings and the human collective are not prepared to receive them, in the positive as well as the negative sense.
You have the proof with what has happened and that is still happening with the terrible “masquerade” of this virus. We are not denying its presence! We are speaking about all that it has generated: a disconnect, a profound suffering. The capacity to integrate, to understand and to accept what is happening has not allowed certain individuals to have the time to protect themselves, because fear has been nourished constantly for a very, very long time.
Therefore, even if the “valves” close up if that fear is constantly renewed these valves open and close over and over until the moment when there is an enormous psychological shock.
However, even this psychological shock that human beings have experienced can be in a way “healed”. The beings who have been subjected to it can be healed with a countering positive shock! Two energies are going to confront each other, but the energy of the obscure generated by fears is much weaker than the energies generated by Love!
What is planned for humanity, (we say this, and we will say it again), is that no one will be left behind, or in retreat, unless it is the will of the soul, the total will of the being! Even if there is a confrontation between the energies of the shadow and the Light, some beings will probably not support the energy of the Light and will leave this world very simply to go and continue life experiences elsewhere.
As we have often told you, we, your Brothers in the Light and your Galactic Brothers who work with them will always be near you to protect you. On your spiritual path, this path upon which you continue to walk with force, with wisdom, with courage, with Love, we will always be there to protect you from what could slow you down or from what might harm you.
We are simply telling you that the best is coming, and even that the most beautiful is coming!
Imagine that tomorrow you would open your shutters to an immense Light, upon a new world! Your eyes could be affected if they have not been prepared for this new Light! By preparing yourself little by little for all that is going to come, by really preparing yourself week after week, month after month for the best, for the most beautiful, when you open the shutters (this is an image of course), your eyes will be ready to adapt to the new Light and your heart will be ready to feel the immense Love that you will receive from outside but that will also have a great resonance with what you are inside.
Therefore, prepare yourself to open wide the shutters! Prepare yourself to perceive the immense Light! This does not mean that you will perceive a flash all of a sudden, we wish to say that everything on this planet will have changed in luminosity!
For the moment, you are still in the shadows in relation to the new Light that will enlighten your sky and this world.
So, prepare yourself! Prepare your heart, prepare your eyes, (but not necessarily the human eyes). Simply prepare yourself to enter this new world!
They are also telling me this:
“There are beyond Earth, in immense vessels, many beings who are uniting to plan what is going to happen.”
They are showing me some human beings who, more and more, are prepared to help people.
“They are preparing themselves to liberate the people!
You, like many beings, are transformed little by little in your sleep.
What can this generate in you? In your daily life, some reactions in relation to what you are living, in relation to your place in this world that is not yours.
It is as if you were running after yourself to attain what you cannot yet attain, because it is not the moment.
When the moment will have arrived, you will no longer run after yourself, you will form a unity between the little human person that you still are for the moment, and the magnificent person that will have made unity between the human and the non-human; you are already prepared for the non-human.
You will therefore be beyond the current humanity, and you will begin to prepare yourself to live in the future humanity; however, you are still stuck to the little part of yourself that is in the third dimension and that is living its humanity, more or less well.
We are going to add this:
Often, when your body rests during your sleep, a part of yourself is prepared in the vessels or elsewhere for the great shock of the renewal. This is the case for those who are ready to open the windows and to see the new Light.
If you still have moments of reactivity, if there are moments where you feel more and more ill-at-ease in your life, it is because you are already very close to the quantum leap and that you can no longer accept the world in which you live. This is encouraging!
Therefore, instead of being discouraged because you are obliged to live in this world that no longer suits you, be happy to say: “I am ready and I am prepared, even if I am not aware of it, for the new world in which I will live.”
© 1984-2020 Monique Mathieu

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