Prof William Campbell – The Story of Ivermectin | Trinity College Dublin | Oct 9, 2012 (Video)

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Trinity College Dublin
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The story of Ivermectin: a drug for the control of River Blindness and other parasitic diseases.

In domestic animals, ivermectin and related compounds are used in the control of most diseases caused by roundworms and many caused by arthropods. 

In human medicine, periodic treatment with ivermectin (made possible by donation of the drug) has resulted in a dramatic reduction in the prevalence of River Blindness, and is contributing to the international effort to eliminate lymphatic filariasis (the major cause of elephantiasis) from the tropics. 
The drug is characterized by extraordinary potency and breadth of spectrum, and is unusual in its origins and mode of action.
Bio: Prof. Campbell, a Natural Science graduate of Trinity, was formerly Senior Director of Parasitology at Merck & Co. where he was involved in the development of several drugs used in human and veterinary medicine.  
For many years he lectured on parasitology at New York Medical College.  
Upon retirement from the pharmaceutical industry, he became a Fellow of the Research Institute for Scientists Emeriti at Drew University.  
In 2001 he was elected to membership in the National Academy of Science of the United States of America.

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