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Published around Apr 6, 2022.
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Questions réponses : Nouvelle conscience et émotions

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Q&A: New consciousness and emotions


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Excerpts from the channel of April 02, 2022.
Hello Brothers of Light. Knowing that it is often unconscious in us, how can we do so as not to obstruct the help of the Planes of Light or the Beings of Light? Thanks.

They tell me :
“We repeat, at the moment humanity is in a very great transformation, and cannot “make fire from any wood”. It is already necessary that a restructuring is gradually being carried out in you. »
They had already shown me that vibrational frequencies come in waves.
“Now it is no longer in waves; it is much more powerful and sometimes, depending on the fragility of your body, according to your emotional fragility or according to other criteria, you cannot cope with these considerable waves of vibrational energies, electromagnetism, etc … We must not forget that before being beings of matter, you are vibrational and magnetic beings.
So, how to do it? The first of the things to do is already to love yourself; it is also, and it is very important but not done in a second, and to free yourself from all the real or imaginary sufferings; there are imaginary sufferings due to childhood or adolescence that can come from the misunderstanding of a relationship, the misunderstanding of a parental or fraternal love, etc., so it is necessary to free yourself from them in order to be, somewhere, new beings.
From the moment you accept to be reborn to yourself, to offer yourself to this rebirth, everything will be much easier for you and your body will integrate these vibrations, these energies, etc. much more, and at the level of your consciousness and even your personality, which will remain for some time, you will feel much better.
We will also tell you this :
If you do not love yourself, how can you perceive the Love that your brothers, friends or family offer you? If you are not in Love with yourself, you will not have the ability to receive and understand the Love that comes from those who love you amicably, from those who project Love on you.
So this is a good question to prepare yourself for this immense change, for these new codes, for this new consciousness, because you will acquire a new consciousness (we are talking about “consciousness”, although another word would perhaps be more suitable but we use it anyway), consciousness that is not the intellect, that is not the consciousness of being, but the one that will replace your ego and your personality. This is something very important to understand ; something else will be put in you to overcome this sometimes very strong ego, this personality a little too overflowing; so something else is manifesting itself to you to allow you to be what you need to be.
So do not rebel, rebirth does not happen all at once; there is always suffering for a rebirth and you must accept this suffering. Little by little there will be no suffering at all because you will love each other! Whoever you are you will love yourself! Tell yourself well that when you love yourself, you will feel the Love of others, you will feel the Love of Life and you will feel the greatest gift you can feel: the Love of your own Divinity.
Your Divinity loves everything that you are. She loves your body, she even loves what you might consider small parts of shadow; it is a whole that you must transmute little by little; however rebirth is not accomplished by snapping your fingers! There is a maturation to be acquired, there needs to be a lot of letting go. We repeat it again, say quoting your first name: “I love you, everything is perfect in me since I am constantly radiating Light and Love.”
The words that you do not say to yourself and that you could say much more often are: “I love myself, I love you and I love all my brothers”, or: “I love the Love that develops in me.”You have to talk to yourself about this immense Love that will grow more and more and that you will be able to radiate.
So love yourself! We always come back to this word, we always come back to the same thing, but evolution, believe it, does not happen without beings being able to love themselves.
It’s not the Love of others that matters, it’s the Love you can have for yourself, and that Love is right. The Love that those around you will offer you will not necessarily be just because you would like it to be otherwise (whether it is greater or less, this is a way of measuring the Love that is offered to you), while the Love that you will offer and that will be returned to you will be just because you will not expect anything from yourself, except the result of the Love that you have given yourself.
We would also like to tell you that little by little you will discover many hidden faculties, especially the wisdom that is there, ready to be revealed to yourself; it will not be the wisdom of the “Wise Man” as you conceive, it will be wisdom in total respect of Universal Laws, in total respect of what you are.
Wisdom cannot exist without respect and without Love, wisdom is the emanation of respect and Love. To become a “Sage” there is no need for esoteric or spiritual culture; wisdom is the behavior you have in relation to your awareness of Universal Laws and your own Universal Laws that resonate with those of Love and Light.
It may be a little complicated for you, but try to listen again tomorrow or in a while to what we are telling you today; wait maybe one or two months and listen again to everything we have told you today and you will say: “I understand better! It wasn’t that complicated!”It will prove to you how much you have changed and evolved in a short time. »

Hello dear Brothers of Light. Can the ego use emotions to continue to ensure its pre-eminence?

“Regarding emotions, we would like to tell you a little bit about them because emotions are also multiple.
There are lower emotions, including fears, etc., and when you are in these lower emotions, the ego and personality are still the masters of your life. You feel, do not forget, very constructive emotions, those that come to you in relation to a beautiful story, a beautiful landscape, in relation to the very friendly or benevolent relationship with those around you, etc. These emotions are very uplifting and very promising.
Other emotions come into you and can generate tears, many even, but they are not inferior; they are the emotions due to deep feelings. You can feel human misery, violence, suffering and this will generate emotions in you that you will not know the origin of. You will have tears, you will not necessarily feel happy in yourself, but it will not necessarily belong to you.
You are in a universal relationship with all humanity, a Universal Law that connects you all, that is, the great suffering that can be experienced in one part of the world (as currently in Ukraine, etc.), can reach you in waves, and at that moment you can feel an emotion, have tears without understanding where this emotion emanates from that inconveniences you for a very little while (it can last an hour, but it doesn’t matter).
So there will be a lot of differences in the emotions that you will feel and experience. The most difficult thing comes from the fact that your ego hides from you the reality of where your emotions come from; at that moment you get lost in it and your emotions do not serve you to evolve, they hide the Light from you a little more. It is important to understand this: you are emotional beings and since there is a large scale in the range of Love and fear, there is also a big difference in the scale of human emotions.
We repeat once again, you are emotional beings; these emotions can serve very greatly for your evolution, as they can unfortunately slow it down momentarily. It is up to you to try to find out where these emotions come from, and from the moment you find out, let it go and ask the inner Light and Love to absorb these emotions that have nothing to do with you.
When human beings are in emotional states, sometimes even locked in these emotional states, they do not necessarily have the ability to call on Love and Light to dissolve those emotions that disturb them or that can disturb you. Understand the importance of fully understanding your functioning as an emotional being!
You have come to this world loaded with this important emotional, because it is the emotional that generates Love for others; the emotional encompasses a lot of things. If you were not emotional beings, you would not be able to fully understand Brotherly Love, Relational Love, etc. Love is a deep emotion, an emotion that makes you vibrate, which sometimes allows you to reach other dimensions of Love, which allows you deep exchanges. There are also emotions that can destroy, or of course a Love that can generate destructive emotions.
From the moment you begin to understand that you are essentially emotional beings, that you absolutely must not put a barrier to your emotions but let them express themselves, you will move forward a lot. Emotions allow you to understand life, to understand your experiences, sometimes to dominate what needs to be, to transcend it. For now, emotions are necessary in third-dimensional life.
When you completely change the world, emotions will no longer be needed. You will no longer have an ego, you will no longer have a personality; you will function totally differently; you cannot yet understand that you will be able to function in a totally different way from the current way.
Little by little it will settle in you, and you will understand more and more that you are no longer functioning at all like yesterday or the day before yesterday, that something is happening in you and everything is becoming much easier, even in your emotions.
That’s what we wanted to answer. »

But then, does becoming more sensitive make us more emotional?

They tell me :
“Automatically, from the moment you no longer have the shell of your third dimension, you gain deep sensitivity, you also gain abilities of perception, reception, but you weaken because you no longer have a protective shell and your emotions can disturb you because you no longer have the opportunity to be protected by this protective shell. There will come a time when you will understand, when you will manage all your emotions and they will no longer disturb your existence.
Emotions will also change a lot. You will feel emotions that you had not felt in relation to a relationship, even in relation to a beautiful landscape, because you will feel more and more what was not noticeable to you before you were rid, as our channel says, of all your onion peels.
You will still, for a little while, be weakened by your emotions; bless them, whether they are positive or negative; they prove that you are beginning to understand the emotional being, the vibrational being and the being of Love that you are. If you allow yourself to be engulfed by your lower emotions, especially the fears that are part of all lower emotions, you will fall behind from your path ; instead of going a hundred or a thousand an hour to the magnificent gate of transition, you will go thirty, forty an hour and you may be late to make the big quantum leap. But… you’re not there yet and you’ve already come a long way. »

Hello Brothers of Light. you have been talking lately about peace and serenity and you have told us that you would rather talk about serenity than peace. Can you explain to us why? Thanks.

“It’s also very, very important to make a difference.
Peace belongs to men. Serenity belongs to the sacred of man, that is, serenity can be considered as belonging to spirituality, to true spirituality.
Asking for peace means: “I don’t want war anymore, I want to live in a world of peace, etc.”, but those who talk about peace often talk about external peace.
Serenity is inner peace. You can be relatively at peace today and tomorrow you can be in revolution, even in relation to yourself; serenity is the peace of the soul, it is really the spiritual vibration of peace. It is serenity that is important.
When you have acquired serenity, peace will no longer count absolutely. It will no longer have to be for you since you will have passed the stage of peace, and this word will no longer have the same importance at all. »

That’s what we wanted to answer. »


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