Sacred Geometry, Ley lines & Places in Alignment – Pt 3: Paracel Islands (South China Sea) to Hanoi, Vietnam | Michelle Gibson | Dec 25, 2019 (Video)


I tracked this alignment from Nukuoro Atoll, in the Pohnpei State of the Federated States of Micronesia, through the island Republic of Palau in the last video, and into the Philippines where it goes through Samar and Leyte of the Eastern Visayas, and on through to Manila, the country’s capital.

The alignment leaves Manila, the capital of the Philipines, and enters the South China Sea, located between the Philippines and China’s island of Hainan.

For starters, the Paracel Islands are a group of islands, reefs, and banks that are strategically located; productive fishing grounds; and which also hold reserves of natural gas and oil.

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