San Francisco parents: How we took back control of our schools | UnHerd | Feb 25, 2022 (Video)

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Florence Read meets Siva, Autumn, and Ann.
Public schools in San Francisco sent their students home for 18 months during the COVID pandemic, the longest school closure in the country. 
While children were falling behind at home, the city’s elected school board was tasked with handling the re-opening. But, it seemed, they were too busy trying to pander to progressive demands to get children back in the classroom. 
A group of parents, angry with the extended shutdown and dithering meetings, launched a campaign to recall three members of the school board. Last week, they won. 
Florence Read sat down with three parents involved in the recall, Autumn, Siva and Ann, to discuss why COVID has been such a disaster for San Francisco’s schools.  
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00:00  – Introduction  
00:51  – San Francisco parents explain how their campaign began 
05:52  – Why were these schools changing their names for the sake of social justice?
08:16  – San Francisco schools had no plans to re-open  
09:23  – Why are so many Asian American parents speaking out?  
14:21  – What’s the situation like now?  
16:03  – When did these parents decide to intervene?  
18:07  – Is this just a campaign by closet Republicans?  
19:32  – Are Asian American parents ‘white-adjacent’?  
21:47  – How much of this is culture war and how much is a matter of competence?
25:18  – Final thoughts

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