Significant Astrological Energies of 2022 ~ Pluto in Capricorn and Jupiter/Neptune in Pisces | Molly McCord | Jan 4, 2022 (Video)

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2022 brings in new energies with transiting Pluto in Capricorn reaching 27 degrees and the once-in-a-lifetime conjunction between Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces. 
Both are significant for how we are moving through the powerful energies that started in 2020, and we will be required to be stronger and more responsible as 2022 unfolds. 
The USA’s Pluto return begins in February 2022 and continues for a year and a half into late 2023. 
Pluto will reveal, demolish, and expose truths, as well as support a powerful transformation process that takes us to new – unseen – potentials and places. 
The strong Pisces energies will feel expansive and amplified, but also require boundaries and conscious awareness of how you escape reality to tap into other realms – spiritual, artistic, creative, imaginary, etc. 
Much more to share in this podcast episode. 


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