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So, what to do?
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They are telling me:

“We are infinitely happy, infinitely happy to be able to help you, to be able to guide you.

We are very, very happy to be able to help you because your world has begun its rebirth.

Just like babies who suffer from this birth, you will suffer without being aware that it is a rebirth. In the deepest part of you, each of you knows that this cannot last any longer; we would simply like to speak about these lies, of this manipulation and this suffering inflicted upon human beings.

This will not last much longer because you have much aid, we have told you this and we are telling you again, and to be reborn to another society there is obviously much letting go to do, there is a new consciousness that must awaken in each of you.

So, in relation to this new consciousness we are simply going to put a finger on something:

You see it everywhere, in your country and in other countries, but for the moment it is your country that is taking up the flame, all these people in the streets who are demanding freedom

Already, to demand freedom, you must understand what it really is, and at this time you do not really have freedom. As long as you have not acquired this freedom inside, the true freedom will escape you because you do not know what that represents.

Therefore, if all of the people manifest, it is to reclaim freedom, but beyond that, well beyond that, they are helped by the Forces of Light at the level of their consciousness, at the level of their spiritual path, that is to say the new path that is offering itself to each person to go towards the new world.

This is like a call! This is not the fact of going and crying out “freedom”, this is a spiritual call that is taking place within an enormous number of human beings, notably concerning France this minuscule country in the world; this is a spiritual call to which souls and beings respond, and this is how they join up with each other to all go in the same direction.

So, obviously, on this path those who manifest will have obstacles because beyond the human many extraordinary things are happening; the unity in a superior consciousness, the capacity, sometimes unconscious, of beings who receive through inspiration the need to go and share, to go and love and to live this fraternity with all of their brothers.

For the moment, your governments, whether in this little country of France, or whether it is the governments of the world, are not aware of what is happening. They see the effect of the masses, they see the humans marching in the streets, they hear a little bit their revendications, their cries, but beyond the appearance they cannot be aware that there really is something else, that all these human beings are pushed by a force, that of Love, by the force of evolution and by the force of this fraternity and of this liberty; all these leaders who are completely in unconsciousness are not aware of this tide, of this power.

This tide, this power, has not yet climbed to the degree where everything must shift, but all must not shift in violence, all must shift in another level of consciousness, and at a certain moment the leaders will not be able to do much, because human beings will have understood, because human beings are less stupid than the governments think.

In front of you there are some powers that we are not going to describe, but they are there, they exist, and they do not wish to lose the power over humanity. The only thing that they ignore is the power of Love, the power of thought focused on a goal.

Certainly, the somber light uses a power to make you sleep, to make you believe all that is a lie, but at a certain moment, with the energy, with the vibrations and the immense Love that you receive, all that will no longer have any importance, will no longer have any power, all of their power will be wiped out.

So, what to do? This is the question that you could ask us. What to do in this world where everything is going wrong, this world of total confusion, this world where people want to keep you from working?

We are simply going to ask you this question: are one month, two months of large problems at the level of your work, not worth being experienced, even in the restriction, to go afterwards to a better world? It is there at your fingertips. It is only up to you to make it shift as fast as possible. We are there to help you, but we cannot do the work in your place, we have told you this many, many times.

You must be able to put into place a system of solidarity to help those who give much of their time, who fear not only for their life but for their situation, for food, for all that concerns your current life; you must be able to organize this aid, this solidarity, in order to be able to help those who really need it at this time.

We do not wish to impose, we do not have the right to impose anything, we do not have the right to interfere, but we do have the duty to help, therefore we do not wish either to manifest ourselves or to manifest what we are in your problems of governing some countries, but there comes a time, if you really wish to pass into this new world that is there, once again, at your fingertips, where you must learn to say “No”, learn to …this is very hard for us to tell you this, to learn to take charge of yourself and to distinguish what is just from what is false, to no longer fall into fears that are constantly instilled through your medias, to know how to find the middle ground that is much easier to find than you think. We are going to give you some examples:

If tomorrow or the day after, you are told: “Stay home! It is too dangerous outside! Quarantine, stay home!”, will you have the force to say: “No, we are not going to remain imprisoned at home! No, we don’t want to”? Children of the Earth, from the moment that you will have the capacity to say: “No, we do not want to, this is not just, this is not human, we want to remain humans, we want to remain in our integrity, we want to remain in fraternity in the freedom of choice”, what can those you call leaders do if the people do not obey them? The leaders are powerless, have you thought about this? You have not necessarily thought of this!

You think about manifesting, this is very good, you think about reclaiming liberty and this is very good, but have you not thought about no longer accepting these iniquitous laws? Have you understood that since over a year, almost two years, that the gigantic manipulation serves to destroy a part of humanity? It is not up to us to tell you this, it is for you to understand!

We told you a while ago: the Great Book of Knowledge will be open in front of all of you, that is to say that it is up to you to read in its pages, that it is up to you to try to put into practice what is possible to put into practice. The Book of Knowledge is before you, you open it, you close it, you do not want to open it, it is not up to us to say if you must do it or not, but from the moment that you will have opened the Book of Knowledge you will no longer be the same at all.

We are not pushing you to revolt, this is not our goal! From the moment that we ask you, as human beings, to do something against humanity, you have the right to refuse, this is a part of the bad laws that are imposed on you, and the fact of refusing is a part of the evolution of beings, and you then go, at that moment towards Knowledge.

Knowledge is in each of you only you are not going to dig to the deepest part of yourself to find it. Little by little, it will rise from the deepest part of yourselves, it will explode in its beauty and in its Light, in the consciousness of each of you, and it is this Knowledge which will serve you to say, “No”.

We are also going to tell you this:

Have confidence, a great part of what you have to experience at the inferior level has been experienced! However, and here is where we wish to warn you, if you stop in your positioning, if you do not succeed in saying, “No’ to those who govern you, you will no longer have any freedom because you will not be capable of feeling and living that freedom.

You must understand that at a certain moment, certain frequencies, certain forces of the somber light, will use other processes. They will use processes that we use, that is to say waves, but we send waves of Light, waves of Love, waves of peace; the forces of the somber light also have the capacity to send obscure waves, waves of fear, and of submission.”

They are telling me:

“You are currently living the great combat of the Light against the shadow. The word “combat” is not the appropriate one for what we would like to have you understand; you are going to liberate yourself, in the end, of your own duality, from this dual world in which you have lived for thousands and thousands and thousands of years, not to say for millions of years, because your world of the third dimension, you can understand it, is a dual world.

You see it in all that you experience, you have what you call the good and the bad, the Light and the shadows, you have all the contradictions that are also there to make beings understand what evolution can represent; if you did not have the night, you would not have the conscience of the beauty of the day, etc.

For the moment, you are in this world of duality, and what is happening in this end of cycle, really this end of cycle, is the great opening towards unity. The duality and this world of the third dimension are in the process of disappearing. The vibratory frequency of your world is in the process of transforming itself more and more, and it is for this that the somber light is trying to accelerate the process of manipulation, of lies, to slow down the immense transformation of humanity, of the living, therefore of all that lives on Earth, in order to slow down the process so that the world, human beings and all life does not pass too quickly into the superior vibratory frequencies that correspond to the fourth, fifth, sixth dimension, etc., these dimensions of unity, of Love and a great, very great new consciousness.

There is the visible, the manipulation, the suffering, all that is imposed on you; all of this is programmed by human beings who wish, in a certain way, for the total domination of the world, and who wish to select the beings who will have the right or not to live in this world, because in their mind it is a little bit that; however, there are parameters that they have not taken into account, that is to say the Light, and there are also other parameters, simply at the level of humans: human beings love!

Many human beings are beginning to understand what Love is, beginning to manifest it, and for them it is a little strange because they do not function with Love, they function with power, the power of money notably, but not like certain beings wish that we will not name.

When there will no longer be money in this world – and this will be soon, be certain of it – there will be so many awakenings that the biggest wish of every human being who will have passed the immense storms, who will have been subjugated, will be to live in fraternity, in mutual aid, therefore there will be no more competition, there will be no more manipulations at all levels, there will be a civilization of aid where governments will act totally for the happiness of the citizens of their country; therefore money will no longer exist, there will no longer be a need for it!

There will be completely different conceptions, and from the moment that money as such no longer exists, where will the power be of all the beings who only function with immense fortunes? These immense fortunes, this immense power, is desired by the somber light. If you remove the money from all of these so-called dominants, they are then nothing! They have even less than you because their forces are money, power, and tomorrow, they will have none of that, they will no longer exist. They will be like little children who are completely broke and who no longer know where to go, whereas you, you will have understood what life is, you will have understood what respect and fraternity truly are, it is you who will have the riches, the immense riches! This will not be wealth if the form of bank notes or even precious metal, this will be the true wealth; the wealth of the heart, the wealth of awakening to what the other is and of your investment in the community.

Therefore, we are saying: very soon the countries will be directed by colleges, we have already told you this, and this cannot be otherwise because humans no longer wish to give power to a government and its court; these will be colleges of wise men, but true wise men, not those who you call such right now and who are not at all!

These will be beings who will also have a spiritual consciousness because you could not go towards the new world otherwise if you have not acquired this spiritual consciousness; and in your schools, those of tomorrow, what you could call spirituality will be taught, because every human being must be aware of what he is himself and of his role in relation to the community. Therefore, this spiritual direction will be taught in the new schools.

The new schools will also teach life, that is to say about all that surrounds you, the mineral, vegetable, animal, and human kingdom, and also your participation in the life of all the different kingdoms. They will teach you the essentials of life: Respect, Joy, Creativity, and Love.

Do you believe that it will be necessary to teach your children what they will have forgotten as soon as they will have left educational establishments? It is not that which will form a conscious human being, it is the direction that you will give to your children, the direction to take, the true direction of life; they will also learn who they are, that beyond the human there are gigantic forces of Love, that death is a part of life but that it does not exist, that you must totally respect life but death is a passage towards something else.

From the moment that you will have taught all of these things to your children, life will be completely different, but before being able to teach them all these things, you must have also acquired all of this knowledge in order to transmit it to your children.

We would like to tell you this: Be patient a little while longer! First, create in yourselves this world that you are waiting for with such impatience, become aware of this latent power in you, of this power that is just waiting for its moment to manifest itself, of this power of your thought well directed, of this power of Love, of this power of the Light, of this power of Wisdom, because the true Wisdom is that of the heart, the true Wisdom is to also recognize what you are and to recognize life as it really is by respecting it.

Therefore, to conclude, have a little more courage, a little more patience! Know that you have considerable aid from the planes of Light, that you have considerable aid from your Galactic Brothers, whether you believe it or not; they are there to help their brothers on Earth, and their great happiness is to be able to take you by the hand, obviously not physically, but to show you the path, to protect you, to help you; they have great happiness, great joy.

He who has the Knowledge must help his brother who is still a little asleep, and for the moment it is your Galactic Brothers, your Brothers in the Light who come to help their brothers on Earth who are awakening, but many of whom, unfortunately, are still a little asleep. Your Galactic Brothers elevate themselves spiritually by helping and sending much Love to their Brothers on Earth.

This is the chain of Love! He who knows helps he who is not yet aware, this is the truth!

Now, we will leave you.”


© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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