Standing with Stones – Epic Megalithic Journey through Britain and Ireland (Documentary)


Two years in the making, Standing with Stones is a remarkable feature length documentary film that takes the viewer on an epic journey of discovery, way beyond the Wiltshire monuments and Stonehenge, uncovering the true extent and variety of megalithic Britain and Ireland.

Featuring 100 of the most significant megalithic monuments in England, Wales, Ireland, N. Ireland & Scotland, the adventure starts near Land’s End in Cornwall and ends out on the Scottish isles, on Orkney, at the Tomb of the Eagles.

Written and Presented by Rupert Soskin. Produced and Directed by Michael Bott.

00:00  –  Intro, titles & preamble
03:36  –  1. The West Country & Dartmoor
20:13  –  2. Southern England
41:25  –  3. Wales
57:41  –  4. Ireland
1:16:15  –  5. The Isle of Man & Northern England
1:39:45  –  6. Scotland
1:57:47  –  7. The Scottish Isles

Published on Apr 19, 2020.

2 hr 15 min


Content Source/Owner: The Prehistory Guys


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