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This post was published on Dec 4, 2020.

GLOBAL ANALYSIS – December 3rd – Anéeka of Temmer
¨Based on my best data contrasting with my best informants and with a personal analysis carried out by me:
 1.- I take as a fact that there is a clear war or struggle between two powerful sides, a large and a small one. The Globalist side using China as its main arm and the self-styled “Patriot” side with Trump and his group at the helm representing the small side.
It is not a theater within the Cabal itself to create more conflict, it is something much more complex, a fight between secret societies, one Satanist and the other one giving clear indications of being positive.
2.- I see Trump as someone genuine fighting on the positive side. I understand that there are doubts with regards to him but he is in a complex world. The more I study him, the less negatives I find. He’s not even a Mason, and he refused to be thrown into that from a young age, as an example.
3.- I see the Electoral Fraud in the United States as completely amalgamated and inseparable with the false pandemic. They are undeniably linked aspects. Therefore overturning those who perpetrated the fraud equals to overturning those who have created the false pandemic.
4.- The origin of the pandemic and electoral fraud in the United States is clearly a coordinated and previously planned attempt on the part of the deep Satanist Cabal Illuminati using the Chinese Communist Party as a means to carry out actions, with a goal to execute a takeover of Global nature.
5.- The only thing that stops globalism is the side of Trump where the armed forces of the United States, especially the US Navy and the US Marines are loyal to Trump, so all the attention is focused on them and on stopping Trump who is only a front for the apparently positive side.
I say apparently positive, just to maintain a reasonable doubt, as I have no data that indicates the contrary as of this date.
6.- Being that to unmask the Communist takeover attempt by overthrowing the legitimate Government of the United States is to unmask those who have used the false pandemic as a method of control and manipulation on a global scale. I do not see it feasible or possible for Trump to win this fight and be re-elected and still continue with the Pandemic agenda as that would be a clear contradiction.
The false Pandemic has been used as a method of China world domination, and not exposing it for fraud that it is is to leave the door open for China and the Cabal to continue stalking the United States.
I do not see the feasibility of leaving only the United States as a free place and the rest of the world under the control of China-Cabal. The Americans know very well that they would end up invading them.
7.- I am sure as of this date that President Trump and his team know that the pandemic is false. They also know that real scientists know that it is false. For Trump to perpetuate the lie is also untenable for him because it would come to light anyway unless the censorship continues and worsens, and the latter is equivalent to China-Cabal remaining in control.
8.- Therefore, in my opinion, Trump has no other option but to win the battle and be re-elected and this also means that he will have no other option but to clarify to the public of the world that the pandemic was a farce set up as a world take over attempt.
And he should do this without causing a complete war against China, since these actions are a clear act of war against the United States of America. This is recognized at all levels, especially the legal one.
9.- You must all remain strong, protect yourselves as much as possible and endure a few more weeks. We will soon know the outcome of all this.
Be strong. We are with you.

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