The Incredible Popularity of Joe Biden, or so The Corporate Media and the Deep State would have us Believe | Jan 21, 2021

The Presidential Candidate with the highest number of votes in American History?

As per the “venerable” Council on Foreign Relations, Joe Biden got 81,283,098 votes in the 2020 Presidential Election.

Oh Yeah? Can you run that by me again?

Here’s a screenshot (taken at 4.15 AM EST, Jan 21, 2021) of the no of Likes (4K) and Dislikes (24K) for the White House video of the Inauguration of Joe.

The video has been Unlisted by The White House YouTube channel due to this trend (thanks to for bringing this to light).

And Joe, thank you for putting it on public record that “The Forces That Divide Us Are Deep And They Are Real”.

The Deep State, A Conspiracy Theory No More…

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