The Light Workers Are Protected | Monique Mathieu | Jan 30, 2021

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This transmission was published around Feb 14, 2021.
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The Light Workers are protected
‘There are Beings of Light who have for mission to help all of the Light Workers, all the seekers of truth, all those who engage themselves with Love and confidence in themselves and in the future of the world; all of these beings have an immense aid.
What does this aid consist of?
At the level of your Galactic Brothers, it is an aid in matter because they help incarnated beings, like certain government leaders or others in their mission, whether they are aware of it or not! They are aware that they are a part of the aid, but they are not aware of all the aid that they benefit from because they receive it at the unconscious level, during their sleep, etc., like everyone can experience profound transformations at the level of vibrations and of consciousness during their sleep.
This is happening more and more in each of you, even if you absolutely do not remember your dreams.
In the absolute, but really in the absolute, the time of the reign of the shadow on this planet is counted! However, for the moment, as all those who serve the Light are a minority, we must help over and over and over and we must not totally reveal the help that we bring to those who work in matter, this for several reasons, because from the moment that you are Light Workers, as the great government leaders are, you are human and you only have access to a part of all that you do.
It is like with our channel; we are going to give you a simple explanation:
Our channel had chosen to accomplish this mission years ago. She does it with her heart certainly, but she explains herself that she does it as if pushed by something that is beyond her.
Therefore, for certain presidents it is the same; they do what they must do, with their conscience but they are superseded by a force that pushes them so that they can accomplish what they came here for. It is something invisible, it is something practically inexplicable; it is as if beings could not elude the mission that is theirs.
A part of their mission is hidden because they do not know the totality of their mission, because they are despite everything human, it could be that they do not wish to go to the end of their mission, because every mission demands a very important investment, an investment at the level of the individual, at the level of going beyond, because it is much easier to live a relatively simple life, comfortable, etc., than to constantly invest oneself for others at the risk of their own life.
We will open a small parenthesis: the true Light Workers are immensely protected, especially in the current era!
Therefore, whether it is each of you or the leaders of certain countries, from the moment that you remain totally integrated in the mission that is yours, you will always be protected, but if you deviate, the protection will be less or there will be no more protection.
Therefore, to return to what is in your heart, in your thoughts in relation to the events or the entire world, nothing is over, much the contrary!
There is like a momentary calm, that is to say that all is putting itself into place in the visible and in the invisible. There must not be the least fissure in the plan, the least interference, therefore the great part of the plan will not be unveiled until it is accomplished. The plan is in the process of being accomplished, be certain!
We cannot give you the details that you want because this would not serve you much because you would not understand the development. An immense framework is touching the entire Earth and well beyond the Earth, because as we have already explained it, on some planets of your solar system there will also be great purifications that need to be done.
The plan is gigantic! Your Galactic Brothers and the Beings of Light must face several fronts; the human front, the non-human front, the front of beings who do not belong to the Earth but who have a terrible power of destruction.
We must then face the unfriendly ones, we must face those who unconsciously or consciously serve them, we must face all the beings who, for reasons of money or for “x” reasons, do not want the coming of the new world. We must face the battles that you will perceive more and more, that take place in your stratosphere, in your solar system, with the non-human entities who have nothing more to do in your solar system.
There is therefore going to be an enormous purification, you can be certain of it! We therefore cannot, and the presidents of such and such a country working for the Light cannot unveil the initial plan, because they themselves do not know it in totality.
Certainly, some marvelous things will happen in this year 2021! Some terrible things will also happen, but we say this again, destiny depends on all of you and also on what we are, we your Brothers in the Light, that is to say if a larger part of humanity awakens, the announced tribulations will be considerably minimized!
When the hour arrives, you will really see the Light at work.
We would love to tell you that this will be soon! Must we tell you this?
Of course, you are going to respond: “Yes, yes, yes!”
And we will tell you…Hope!”
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