The Media Lied About Texas’ Power Failure | The Heartland Institute | Mar 4, 2021 (Video)

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The Heartland Institute
Duration: 8 min
Texas recently went through a record breaking winter storm. The media is blaming climate change, but the truth is, progressive policies promoting wind power is why so many Texans went days without electricity. Learn the real story in this video.

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2 Responses

  1. Coal is unreliable in much more insidious ways than wind. Coal kills in different, protracted ways. Certain other politics are driving this argument against renewables. I live here so I'm making my voice heard. I have elderly neighbors who've never in their lives experienced the weather that we did in Feb in Texas, and they were born here. Oil pipes killed my watershed and trashed our land, destroyed my town and the spirit of this place. Wind didn't do that.

  2. arigelab says:

    Thank you Rebecca! I appreciate hearing about your feelings and perspective.

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