The Megyn Kelly Show: Ep.240 – Arrogance of the Elites & Our Alarming Digital Future, with David Zweig, Chris Arnade & Tracey Follows | Jan 13, 2022 (Video, Podcast)

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Megyn Kelly
The Megyn Kelly Show (Podcast)
1 hr 35 min


Megyn Kelly is joined by David Zweig, journalist for The Atlantic, Chris Arnade, photographer and author of “Dignity,” and Tracey Follows, futurist and author of “The Future of You,” to talk about:
the CDC director continuing to tout a discredited, learning about “Back Row America,” 
the arrogance and ignorance of the elites and “Front Row America,” 
drug addiction in America, 
the values that matter to most Americans, 
why the Democrats and Biden are “toast” in 2022, 
why some in the “back row” are avoiding the vaccine, 
the need for community and risk-taking, 
our terrifying and exciting digital future, 
the way humans are becoming machine-readable and the tech starting to go inside of us, 
the ethics of new technology, deep fakes and biomarkers, 
what technology will mean for health in the future, and more.


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