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The English version of this channeling was posted around Aug 5, 2021.


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The passage will not be very difficult
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They are telling me:

“We have alerted you over many years (it matters little to us the months, years absolutely do not count), of all that was to come.

Many of you were very impatient. They always asked us: “this is for when?” And now, you are in a great whirlwind, we are going to say the great whirlwind of life, and we are even going to say that you are in this absolutely privileged epoque that will see the birth of another civilization; we repeat; that is going to see the birth of another civilization.

So, many of you will be a part of this renewal. All the bases of your current societies are outdated, all the bases of your current societies are going to fall like a deck of cards.

Therefore, for the moment you are still in this whirlwind. We would like to say that you must now learn to turn the page; you must learn to live, for the moment, with what surrounds you without giving it energy.

So, obviously, you are going to say to us: “But how do we do this? How can we do this? If we are obligated to be injected with what is not desirable, how can we do this?” We are going to tell you this:

The somber light and its representatives have immense power right now. This has not totally diminished, but it has very little time left; however, the shadow and its representatives are using the time left to them to try to harm to the maximum, and this we are not teaching you; you are living it every day; you are learning it through all that is happening around you.

What we would like, however, is to remind you that where there is the shadow, automatically there is the Light. Within you, you have the shadow and the Light. In all manifestations of life, you have this part of the shadow that corresponds, in a certain way, to the duality of your third dimension.

You will soon leave this duality. We are not going to say that you will immediately leave the third dimension because all is a preparation for the following stage. At this time, you are unconsciously preparing yourself for the following stage.

What you have not yet understood is that all is waves, all is vibrations. We have told you this many, many times, and we are going to say it in a different way:

You are subjected to base vibratory frequencies emanating from what you call the deep state and that we call “inferior forces” that do not want you to evolve and that, in a certain way do not want to lose you; they are going to be unleashed, but parallel to that, there are Forces of Light that you do not perceive because you are still prisoners of your own duality, you are prisoners of this world of the third dimension, you are prisoners of the vibratory frequency of matter; but the Light acts in a way that is still much more important than the shadow can act upon you.

When you will really discover the power of Love, the power of the Light and above all the power of your thoughts we could say that you will have won not only the battle but that you will have bought your ticket for the new world (this is a little joke).

In fact, the new world is here! We have often told you this. Everyone can imagine, depending on what he is, everyone can imagine and even fantasize about this new world, but the only thing that we ask you, is that every time you think about this new world, that this fills you with joy, that this gives you much hope, that this gives you the force to continue to keep walking for a little while in the shadows; by “shadows” we wish to say that the somber light tries to constantly cover you with this enormous lead cover that is called fear.

Human beings are beginning to awaken, are beginning to become aware that others are constantly wanting to transmit this vibration of fear to them. How are those who are unfortunately dominating the world right now doing this? They keep putting on layer upon layer.

From the moment when you succeed in saying “No” to your own fears, you will begin to win over yourself, and also in relation to those who surround you. From the moment when you succeed in liberating yourself from the exterior fears, you also free yourself from all “domestic” fears, from all the fears that you often generate, the worries and all that concerns your life in the third dimension.

The passage will not be very difficult. Some of you have the impression that to pass into the new world much is demanded of you.

The only thing that will be demanded of you, is to try as much as possible to liberate yourself from this vibration of fear, to not listen to all that can be generated by the fears around you, and each time that you have a fear that comes over you, try to think that the Light is much stronger than all the energies, than all the inferior vibrations.”

They are also telling me:

“The Light is now ready to inundate you with its immense power.

Your world is marching and its pace, that is to say its advancement is going to accelerate in a considerable way. We are not giving dates, we are simply giving you a period; we can say that by the end of the year, within you and without you, many things will have happened, it is up to you to precipitate them.

What can the powers of the shadow do against the power of the Light, that power of Light and Love emanating from each of you? You must understand that as much as the shadow can propagate its power through fear, the Light can liberate beings from this vibration of fear by propagating the Light and Love; you are all, all capable of propagating this power of the Light and Love.

Of course, there will be moments (and you must absolutely not feel guilt or sadness) where you will have less capacity to propagate these marvelous waves of Light and Love because there is lassitude, there is a deep desire to change the world, the deep desire to really live fraternity, harmony, joy, serenity, and Love. Therefore, the lassitude often comes from this waiting, but why this waiting?

This waiting is not desired by the shadow, it is desired by the Light so that a maximum of beings awaken and can pass into the new society, into the new civilization.

Obviously, in the beginning, it will not be totally different from what you are living now, but there will be freedom, there will not be this pressure, this oppression, this domination, this lie. Therefore, beings will feel liberated, and this liberation could take place in less time than you think.

So, afterwards, what will be put in place in this world after the refusal of the world population?

Unfortunately, there will be many people who will leave because it is their choice of incarnation, etc. Therefore, with the refusal of the old paradigms, the old bases of society and by wishing to really go towards another, this new society is going to create new beings, beings who are a part of what you are, beings of the third dimension for the moment.

They will want to establish a much more balanced system, much more fraternal. What you call the “fifth republic” cannot continue to survive, cannot continue to exist. What will be put into place immediately after the great human upheavals, that is to say the revolts around the world, will be like colleges that will try to work for the good of humanity and not for the enormous power.

Those you call the “GAFA”, who have manipulated the world and who continue to manipulate it do not have much longer to exist. Things will happen (we cannot yet tell you how); this will come from the USA, but not only there. Russia will also have a great impact on the world and notably on Europe.

We told you some time ago, that certain government leaders will be considerably aided by our Galactic Brothers. Some have a hard time believing this, of accepting this reality.

Do you sincerely believe that the Universe, that the immense Love of your Brothers in the Light, the immense Love of God the Father–Mother, can accept that the terrestrial population be totally wiped out? The desire of certain nonhuman beings was to totally take over planet Earth by eliminating, by eradicating all that lives, that is to say essentially humans but not only them! Even the vegetable kingdom does not suit them!

Therefore, these beings would like to modify planet Earth to their convenience. Those who think they are all-powerful and who, definitively, are not, manipulate over and over the fragility of human beings. There will therefore come a moment when all of this is going to stop, and this is going to stop all of a sudden by the will of the Light, and just simply because it is the time!

God the Father-Mother does not wish for the death of eight billion human beings! This is a magnificent school, and it must be protected up until it becomes a jewel that is no longer a school, but which will be a magnificent place where souls in incarnation can rest themselves and grow in beauty.

Therefore, to return to what we said a moment ago, be patient for a little while longer! Is it really worth it to lose one’s life for any given pleasure? We are asking you to be patient. In any case, you do not have much longer to be patient, but the time that is asked of you corresponds to your positioning, corresponds to your willingness to really go towards this new civilization, this new cycle of life.”

Is France now going to find itself a little ahead with this world change?

I see a big smile.

“The somber light is totally stupid because it lacks Love; it also lacks the ability to look back. It charges forward, it lowers its head towards its programs, towards its wishes.

So, is what you are experiencing right now luck or not? Luck or misfortune? We are going to say: great luck! Because the aberrations of those who, for the moment, have the leadership of your France, have awakened many human beings, many French, but not only the French.

If you continue to oppose peacefully, to position yourself, whether it is in France or in all the countries of the world, be certain that the power of the somber light will not last much longer.

You have the power of Love, the Love that is the greatest power in the Universe. They have the power of domination, of destruction. Therefore, to oppose the power of Love to the power of destruction…this is easy to understand.

For the moment, France has invested itself. Obviously, many other countries will invest themselves, but as in every revolution because these will be like revolutions, there will unfortunately be beings who will give their life to accelerate the process of shifting, of change.

Imagine that in a few weeks there were some deaths in France. How will the government react? There will be several things to do, for example by saying that it is the fault of those who manifested, of those who did not stay at home, but a visible death, two, three, ten, weighs upon the government, especially western governments. In some countries death does not weigh upon the government, but in all the European countries, a death really counts.

So, you must tell yourself that some will give their lives to make the process of shifting advance, the process for going towards this new civilization, this new age, this renewal.

We encourage enormously the French who were totally asleep and who are beginning to awaken, to continue to awaken.

France, right now, is regarded by all the world and this is going to give some possibilities to many other countries. This will be like the spreading of oil and many other countries will also begin to revolt.

You must understand that the human being is not made to be a prisoner, for being a slave, for being manipulated, he is not made for that! The human being is made to live harmoniously, to live in fraternity, to live in joy, Love, and at this time the human being can no longer live all of that; come a time, automatically, there will be a revolt.

What is happening with the awakening of Mother Earth in the middle of all this? Will the awakening of the human consciousness diminish the impact of cataclysms? Will the awakening of the human consciousness allow the Earth to be in less suffering?

“Mother Earth is still going to move, but once again nothing is static. You must understand that in the individual destiny, like in the collective destiny, there are several parameters, there are several scenarios of life, whether they are individual or collective. The finality must be, the finality is already inscribed but to arrive at that finality there are several possible scenarios, once again whether they are individual or collective.

Therefore, if human beings do not awaken sufficiently en masse as we would like and as your Galactic Brothers would like, there will be, in certain parts of the world, some enormous difficulties that, unfortunately, will precipitate many people, many human beings into leaving this world.

On the other hand, if you succeed in liberating yourself from this impregnation of fear, if you liberate your consciousness, if you begin to see what surrounds you with new eyes, that is to say to be aware that Mother Earth is not a rock, that she has a magnificent consciousness and that you must love her and of course, respect her, she will no longer become angry, in a certain way, and all that was planned as terrible catastrophes could not take place if there are a sufficient number of human beings who totally open up their conscience, create positive egregores and who constantly nourish these positive egregores.

The finality is your passage into the era of Light, of Love, the new world. This is immutable! You are going there but it is the way that you are going to go that may be different.

As we have told you, if you do not do what must be done, several possibilities will be given to humanity; the state of stasis, the evacuation or maybe just the transformation of the human beings who could themselves go towards this new world, this new cycle, without there being too many destructions, obviously.

In any case, following the scenario that humanity will choose, know that you will be greatly helped. This is a notion that human beings do not necessarily have of being helped considerably by forces that they do not see, by Beings invisible to their eyes but who have a true reality.

If you look at what is already happening in your world, your Earth is cleansing itself, she is washing herself with rather catastrophic rains in some countries, she is liberating herself by fire in other countries.

We would just like to open a small parenthesis:

All that happens in the world at the level of extremes of nature, cyclones, terrible floods, volcanic eruptions, fires, this is not provoked (and we insist on this) by humans and the HAARP system. They can have a small incidence on one or two countries by manipulating, in a certain way, the clouds, the rain or droughts, but they cannot impact the entire Earth.

France, for the moment, is not too much touched in relation to all that, therefore, work, send much Light, so that your so beautiful little country is not touched or less importantly, and also send much Love and Light so that no country is touched.

Therefore, if you create egregores of Light and Love, the Earth will calm down because she is very sensitive to thought forms and to all the energies, the vibrations of fear, of violence, of suffering, but she is also sensitive to vibrations of Love, of Joy, of beauty, of Serenity and of Light.

You must therefore be the counterweight and send Light, Love, joy, and recognition as much as possible to your Mother Earth, by simply telling her that you love her, that you know that she exists other than what you can see of her, materially speaking.

Send much Love, and this could change many things in your existences and in the existence of the planet.

Above all, do not be sad if, at times, you have the impression that your vibratory frequency is lowering.

We are going to ask you this question that you can ask yourself:

When you are a little sad, feeling heavy, when you feel some things around you and if you are more or less intuitive, do you lower your vibratory frequency? We are going to tell you, no! It lowers when you are aggressive, fearful, manipulative, etc., but if at times you are not feeling good in your life, even in your body, this is not lowering your vibratory frequency, these are simply bad moments to get through, these are moments where your life catches up with you, where you no longer have the force to be joyful, in Love, in serenity.

Children of the Earth, you are very courageous! There are many Galactic Brothers who come to see humans and they are in great admiration of the courage, the force that humans have to live through these very difficult moments. It is as if they were visiting schools, therefore, they learn also what they have not been able to experience, but they are in admiration before what humanity is experiencing.

Therefore, try to do your best! Above all, do not feel guilty. It is not because you do not feel good one day or another, that you are a little depressed (as you say) that you are going to lower your vibrations.

You could rediscover joy all of a sudden! There will be a cleansing that will take place by itself, but you must have greater confidence, confidence in the future, confidence in you, confidence in the immense transformation that you are unavoidably going to experience, whether you wish it or not!

Light Workers, Brothers of the Earth, you are going to experience this transformation! It may be painful for some, less for others, marvelous for some others still, but you are going to experience this transformation. You are in the process of being reborn to yourselves, you are in the process of refining what you hope to do with your life. So, above all do not feel guilty if, sometimes, you have the impression of failing!”

They are telling me this:

“See your life in relation to acts, that is to say in the globality of what you do and not at a precise moment of your life. If you have a behavior of help to others, of comprehension or Love for yourselves, Love for those who surround you, etc., and if during a brief moment you fall, you will not destroy all that you have built.

You will not be judged in relation to a fall, in relation to a little depression; besides you will never be judged, it is you who will judge yourselves, but if you truly wish to go towards a new civilization, even if at times you are down on your knees, this is not important. You must be carried by the profound desire to go towards something else, towards your future, and if you go down on your knees someone will take you by the hand and will help you to get up.

You can also learn to do this, to reassure, to send Light, but above all to reassure. There will come a time when this will be the role of each of you to reassure those who are in pain, in fear, in suffering, and for some, despair.”

© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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