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The power of thought as an antidote
Apr 3, 2021
Can the power of thought be an antidote?
They are telling me:
“The human being, and this must be repeated numerous times, has immense power!
We are going to give you an example:
A being may be obligated to submit to certain injections, and even if he is viscerally against this obligation, it could be that he does not have the possibility of refusing for human reasons of work or just simply for survival.
Be attentive to this: if his human conscience and his soul are very strong, this being could destroy all of the disturbing elements that are injected into him, but it must be done right away, before these disturbing elements, notably at the DNA level, can spread in his body.
A being who has received an injection by obligation must do an important work, consciously, to wipe out all that is absolutely undesirable in his body.
He must visualize the product, no matter what it is, that is beginning to spread in his body and give an order such as: “Stop! You will not go any farther! I send the necessary Love to wipe it out! You will absolutely not harm my body!”
This must be an injunction! You must say “Stop!”
You can annihilate what you do not want by formulating the order: “Stop!”, but it has to be done immediately! If you do it eight days later, obviously the harmful product will have had the time to spread in your body and it will be much harder to stop it. This is something that you must know!
You can do it for a person that you love very much, even if it is less effective. At the second that the person receives the injection, try to visualize it and say: “Stop, this product will be destroyed, ‘atomized’, and will not go farther in your body! Stop!” You must do it and be certain that this can have great power!
We repeat, and do not forget it, that your body is a perfected machine that you do not know how to use, and thought is even much more powerful than you think! Thought in association with the consciousness of the body can accomplish miracles at all levels!
Therefore, if you are conscious, you can stop, totally nullify the harm of no matter what, even an illness that is beginning to manifest itself (for example cancer which is an anarchic proliferation of cells, etc.); you can give the injunction: “Stop, this must stop, and send much Love. Be certain that the work that you do will bear fruit!
Above all, do not say “Stop” without conviction! You must understand that you must say it from the heart, with the power of what you really are, with the power of your spirit!”
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