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Published around Feb 1, 2022.
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La puissance de la pensée
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The Power of Thought 

“Children of the Earth, Children of Light, it is with great pleasure that we find ourselves close to you on this day.

We often talk to you about the power of thought, can you put a little bit into practice the power of thought to better control, in a certain way, your lower emotions, to dominate and eradicate your fears? Certainly, sometimes you do, but the human being being what he is, he is not necessarily obstinate for his own transformation; sometimes he falls asleep a little, either in his comfort, or in the certainty that he has already passed several examinations compared to what he is.

We would like to tell you that more and more we will prepare you to face not only the outside but also the inside of yourselves, because what is going to happen and what is beginning to happen inside is the equivalent of what is happening outside even if it does not take the same form. We mean that at the present time, an enormous number of human beings are in a vibrational transformation, a transformation of consciousness. Some deal with it more easily than others, some deal with it with understanding and some with fear.

So we would like to make you aware of what you really are. You only see of yourself what your mirror will show you, you only see of yourself your problems often due to a deep transformation of what you are, to a deep transformation that will lead you to a different world.

So, in order to be able to really integrate this new paradigm, this new way of being, thinking and acting, it requires preparation. Each of you must get involved, watch yourself act, think, love. Sometimes you feel comfortable in your life because you don’t want to see what is real, you don’t want to see everything moving, everything changing within you; you want to stay in your old patterns that are comfortable.

We can understand that transformation can sometimes bring difficulties, inconveniences, especially transformation when you have to purify all that you have been able to live in this existence, and we are not talking about other existences, we are just talking about this one .

You must understand that since you uttered your first cry when you came to this world, you have been in pain. Already, the suffering of coming into a dark, difficult world, as you left a world of Light and Love; the suffering of feeling the vibratory frequency of this world which is not necessarily yours but which you have chosen for your mission, or quite simply to grow, to evolve.

Throughout the course of your life, through your experiences, there has been suffering, there has been incomprehension and this suffering, this incomprehension, this lack of Love that you may also have felt, all of this is in the process of moving deeply within you, and if you don’t let these emotions go and leave you by sending, of course, a lot of Love on all these sufferings, all these pains experienced which go up, and which will go up more and more. If you don’t free yourself from all that, you will find it much more difficult to move into this new world which is reaching out to you, because you have to know that you will never be able to take into this new world what you have been in the old one. It’s like a reset, a new start with another way of conceiving life, of conceiving the relationship to the other, of conceiving quite simply Love.

Learn to watch yourself, learn to manage moments of anger, expressed or not, because you have unexpressed anger that can be as bad for you as expressed anger. Try to see your reactions to this or that external event; learn not to judge but especially not to judge yourself. We have told you this over and over again but if we say it again, it is because the moment is so important Children of the Earth, so important for your evolution but above all so important for the passage.

We would also like to tell you that with a little bit of effort you will get there easily. You have already taken a big step, a very big step; you may be a lot closer to the big leap than you think and when we say “the big jump” we are obviously not talking about stepping through the looking glass, we mean the big jump in another humanity, another way of being and thinking.

Already, what you can do is listen to yourself think, listen to yourself and watch yourself act, in relation to yourself, in relation to the relationship with others and above all what you can do much more easily, because that there is no emotional bond, it is to avoid sending inferior thoughts to this or that being who rules the peoples, the world.

As we have often told you, you don’t know who is who, you don’t know who you are, you don’t know who you really are. You only see of yourself what the mirror is going to show you, you only see of yourself what your brothers are going to perceive from you and in a certain way are going to transmit to you, so to facilitate this transformation for you, already , love each other, but sincerely, absolutely do not judge each other.

Of course, each of you at one time or another during the day may have inferior moments, thoughts that will not necessarily be in alignment, moments when you will not like each other, moments when you will have want to react because there is still a dark part that remains in you.

From the moment you understand where this dark part is located, and unfortunately it is often hidden in your ego, in your personality, from that moment everything will become much easier for you and little by little the real being that you are will take over the embodied being, the third dimensional being that you are going to leave; you are not going to leave the embodied being, of course, but you are going to leave more and more the third dimensional being that you are to finally integrate all these extraordinary Vibrations that you will receive.

Today, we are speaking to you about this so that you are well aware of the task incumbent on you, so that you are well aware that in the end the work is not so complicated, that everything can go quickly. It is not necessarily the fact of meditating that will make you move forward, it is the fact of understanding.

When you are in a relationship, whether as a couple, whether with friends, whether in your family, dialogue is important because it is through an exchange that you will be able to better situate yourself in relation to who you are, but also in relation to your advancement. It is through an exchange that you will also be able to realize that you have evolved, that you have advanced. This is why we tell you that groups, families, couples, friends are very useful at this time in the evolution that you must do.

Your brothers are mirrors, even if sometimes this mirror is difficult, even if sometimes the relationship with the other is complicated and destabilizes you, but this is also extremely evolving. »

“Now we leave you. Brothers of the Earth, you are so beautiful in your own Light, you do not see yourselves but we, we see you, we Love you. Love yourself, love everything around you, you are united with life, life is One and you are part of this “One”.

We love you infinitely and we say see you very soon. »


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