The Power Of Your Face: Key to Social Engagement, Connection and Rejuvenation | Dr. Susan Lange | Nov 25, 2020 (Video)

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The Power of Your Face: Key to Enhancing Social Engagement, Connection and Rejuvenation
These are especially challenging times so what can you do to help yourself and help others? What can you do?
The face has been proven through modern research, especially by Dr. Stephen Porges and his Polyvagal Theory, to be central to our co-regulation, self-regulation and sense of safety. And now the face has become even more of a central focus, because of so much time spent on Zoom with clients, friends and families, and even in person – with or without masks.
Working with your own face, and helping clients to work with theirs, is a short cut to the Social Engagement System. We call it Neuro Facial Regulation. If you carry old trauma patterns in your face, it affects the way you see the world, and it affects the way others experience you.
When the flow of qi or energy from your heart to your face gets blocked, because of heart break, emotional or physical abuse, or other kinds of trauma (including birth trauma), the Shen, which is the spirit of the heart in Oriental Medicine, cannot rise into your face, and your face and eyes lack expressivity, luster and sparkle.
When you feel comfortable with your face, your physiology changes rapidly from how you express and relate to others, to your heartbeat, to your breath, to your facial expressions. How do you increase your Social Engagement Skills during the time of COVID?
We’re ready to share some joyful solutions that can help you for the holidays, also with your practice, working with families, clients, and beyond. Are you ready to “face” being the radiant light that you’re here to be? We’ll cover
· Why it’s never been more important to enhance your Social Engagement skills
· What is the Social Engagement System and why is working with the face the most powerful way to activate it?
· What shuts Social Engagement down and how you can open it back up.
· Learn 3 simple keys based on timeless wisdom and modern research to unlock trauma patterns and bring Social Engagement online
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