The Primordial Code (Documentary)

A documentary by Marijn Poels.

Premiered on Sep 29, 2023


What if you visit a place where you’re confronted with our history that turns out to be much different than the one you were always led to believe? How a false narrative has managed to keep the whole foundation of our being in its grip by shifting reality into myths.

A story of how oppression and fear have kept us from developing our primal forces for thousands of years, which are now being reclaimed worldwide. Because it’s just in our human DNA and it’s easier to reclaim than once thought.

A mind-boggling experimental quest by documentarian Marijn Poels into our distant past to win back our primal code again.

2 hr 17 min

Please turn on closed captions/sub-titles for language translation.


Content Source/Owner: Marijn Poels


Additional info:

Greenbox []
Bosnian Pyramids:
Building Pyramids []
Sardinia: []
Electroculture: []
The ancient Ruins of Southern Africa: []
The gaints of Sardinia: []
Goran Marjanovic []


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