The Psoas muscle, our lower Chakras, and how they relate to implantation and trauma in the body | The School of Multidimensional Intuition | Jul 21, 2019 (Short Video)

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The School of Multidimensional Intuition
(Matthew Mournian)
8 min
A short excerpt from the Multidimensional and Intuitive Awareness Activation Workshop held in June 2019.

In this section we discuss the role of our our Psoas muscle and how it relates to not only our lower chakras but also frequencies of trauma and implantation in the body. 

The Psoas can be a hot spot for a number of negative energetic manifestations and it is important to understand how it can affect our emotional and energetic well being.

The information contained here is based on my own experience, as well as that of my clients and colleagues. As always, please use discernment and decide what is true for yourself.

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