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Published around Feb 15, 2022.
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La révélation de l’existence de nos frères galactiques
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The revelation of the existence of our galactic brothers



– Dear Brothers of Light, in recent years we have seen a very significant increase in UFO sightings in the sky to such an extent that one wonders how science and governments can still deny this phenomenon.

Will this year see the release of information by governments of the existence of extra-terrestrials and even their presence?

From the moment this information is delivered and acknowledged, will this be the occasion for a first contact?

They tell me :

“In terms of releasing information to your Galactic Brothers, this information is long overdue. But there is such power on the other side, that is with the lower and evil Galactics who also unfortunately dominate the current world, the dark world, the power that is and the deep state, therefore, there is going to be the weakening of the deep state and at that time, little by little, the information will come out.

When the information comes out, it can be broadcast on your televisions. Many humans won’t believe it yet, because they’ve been told so much it doesn’t exist…but when the information can get out, you’ll know this is the first real step into your new world, it will be a very important sign.

There will be, as we told you before, the first sign you can see in your Sky: when the chemtrails are gone, you will know that the Light has taken over, or at least is beginning to to take orders. When the information about your Galactic Brothers is revealed, the new world will begin, but that will not mean that overnight everything will be wonderful, it will mean that the dark light has lost the game for good, that the he deep state is no longer in control.

You know, you must also understand that human beings are fragile beings, that they are often dominated by their fears. Regarding your Galactic Brothers, there have certainly been a lot of films where they were always shown very negative, invading the Earth, destroying humans, etc., but you have very, very few films showing them as magnificent beings coming to help their brothers, because at all levels, you always had to feed this fear.

This is why everything must be done smoothly, even the announcement of your Galactic Brothers will be done at the appropriate time. At the time when the deep state will be very weakened, this information will be given drop by drop, little by little, to prepare the beings to accept the fact of not being alone in the Universe, because you will unfortunately have a lot of beings who will be frightened. They will remember their very negative sci-fi movies, so the information will be given little by little. It is already given but it is not broadcast in the major media.

We are going to issue a small parenthesis also in relation to your media:

There will be a great transformation of information. In a while, the media will dissociate themselves from the governments and they will begin to give the real information more and more, but for the moment it is very timid because there is still a great power of the rulers. Fortunately you still have these media on the internet and alternative media. But in your mainstream media, more and more, you will have courageous journalists who will give the right information, with the risk, for some, of losing their jobs.

So of course, initially they will be called names, conspirators, but little by little, the information they give, supported by what will happen in the world, will begin to be digested and integrated by the people.

They tell me :

“Now we leave you.

May Peace, Joy and Love flood your lives permanently.

We love you infinitely and we say see you very soon. »



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