The Spell is Breaking – Pandemic to Endemic – Country Reads! | Amanda Ellis | Jan 11, 2022 (Video)


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Important video but not an easy one to do or maybe to watch for some …as the green shoots discussed here are NOT visible in other parts of the world and indeed can easily be trampled on and dissed. It is starting in England. 
Be a Light Worker not a Light Snuffer. Archangel Metatron asks me to release this now – for some it may make more sense in a few months but there is a timeline here that as lightworkers we need to get onboard with. 
Also getting behind the catalyst that is Novak Djokovic bringing in change to Australia (however chaotic) a country in deep need of the worlds help and healing to bring it back into the fold – its borders were MEANT to be breached and his case is a multi dimensional one about far more than tennis – including the rights of the unvaxed, natural antibodies as no threat, and being prepared to go against the tide. 
They will do EVERYTHING to discredit him as a result but he will not be affected – strong protective Archangel Michael energy around the situation, and a call to Australia to turn its rage against one man and channel it more constructively. 
In previous channellings a year ago the “unwelcome mat” was clearly in Australia’s waters – seems there is still work to do, and he is forcing through a shift that will only be understood by the majority of the population in hindsight – they will eventually thank him for helping relax rules for all.
I would advise that the English shoots I talk about, you research yourself – there are more than I mention here, and include the government ruling out compulsory jabs for all, no additional vax passports (except for nightclubs and large sporting events – and these will dissolve in time) and more.
We also look at Stockholm Syndrome – letting lose the grip of oppressor energy / OTT Emperor Energy – helping those trapped in fear and compliance no matter what. A future look at healing we will need to ALL do when this over – forgiving each other. 
Plus country reads and a look at underlying energies that may be affecting the collective there and future projection:
28:55 France – Poison needs to be taken out slowly – deeply embedded devil energy but also the Empress – light wins.
35:44 Italy (Vatican influence and old fascist energy – Mussolini – being compliant).
41:44 Canada – Big Awakening coming – Scales falling from eyes – many are totally ‘blind’.
Australia – Uluru’s Help needed to purge an over emotional people, and relax the stranglehold of obeying at all costs, and no alternative vision. Also opening up to the wider world again.
1:03:09 USA – Better reading than expected – Resilience, Strength, Youth, Fighting back, Strong work ethic aiding recovery.
1:10:00 South Africa – Both cards for Omicron and SA are quite similar – Empress Energy – Rebirth of the world via a milder variant, that  sweeps away the stronger ones leading eventually to us ‘learning to live with it’. 
Strong balancing energies in SA and I kept seeing Desmond Tutu’s face as I read (forgot to say) he is helping to bring in healing.
None of what is discussed is going to happen overnight but by November we will be through the worst – but some countries will lag behind still.
Keep the HOPE alive. Love to all Amanda  x


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