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The English version of this channeling was posted around July 23, 2021.
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The ultimate initiation

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“Children of the Earth, Children of the Light, we wish you great happiness full of Love.

We would like to tell you that humanity, right now, is in the process of passing “the ultimate initiation”. Therefore, in this period that we are going to say is very difficult, you must conceive that you are in the exam of the passage.

Imagine that, during thousands of years, through successive reincarnations, you have been going to school. You have learned, but not learned like you do in your schools that are a little “stupid” (excuse us as we do not wish to judge but you are here just simply to note this).

Therefore, from life to life you have acquired knowledge, you have grown in Love, you have experimented an enormous number of things, and now you are at the moment of the exam, the ultimate exam, because your planet will no longer be vibrating in the third dimension. Its cycle is going to end, and for you, we hope, as soon as possible. Once again, what does this mean: as soon as possible? We are simply asking you to continue to have a little patience, courage, and especially to position yourself.

You will not be graded, it is you who will become aware of what you are, of your behavior, of what you have been successful at, of what you have not succeeded at, but you still have time. This time seems very long to you, but in relation to the amplitude of all that is happening in relation to this paradigm, this shifting into something else, the time that is offered you is very short.

During this time that is offered you, you must also profit by doing a great inner cleansing. You must make use of the time to re-evaluate yourself, instead of feeling guilty for any act or any experience that you have not been successful with in your conscience or regretting to have not led it well like you could now.

Therefore, there will be many changes at the level of your consciousness, many changes at the level of your behavior and many changes at the physical level and especially the emotional level.

But, as nothing happens, as you say on Earth, in a wink of the eye, there must also be a certain maturation of things. You must become totally aware of all that you are, but not necessarily as a terrestrial being.

They are telling me:

“More and more, the ancestral memory, that is to say of all that you have been, is going to come back to you in homeopathic doses. These will be flashes, some sensations, this could be certitudes, and there you will know that you are preparing yourself for the great shifting.

Some will not be apt or capable of succeeding at this passage exam, they will not be able to live through the great shifting, and it is for this (and this may seem very unjust and hard for you), that there is right now this terrible confrontation of two forces.

Your masters, those who allow you to pass into this intermediary world who are going to allow you to pass the very important exam, the exam of all of your lives, are also the masters of the shadow as well as the Masters of the Light.

The masters of the shadow have as their mission to disturb you, to try to slow you down, to try to make it so that you are deeply disturbed so that you are not apt to pass this immense exam of passage.

On the other hand, you have the Light which is giving you advice, that is constantly telling you, even if you do not feel it: “you are capable, you have the Knowledge in you, use this Knowledge! Do not listen to the false words of your shadow professor, listen to the wise words of you professor in the Light!”

And you are confronted with this at this moment, the confrontation of the shadow and the Light within you, the confrontation of the shadow and the Light outside of you. It is for this that we have often told you that the era you are living in is an extraordinary era. This is the era of accomplishment, the accomplishment of all your incarnations in the third dimension.

For some, this incarnation in the third dimension was not necessary in this particular period, because in a certain way the exam of the passage had already been graded, had already been acquired in another existence. It is not exactly the same exam of passage that you are all passing, it is for this that even those who have passed this exam of passage in another existence are obligated to pass it again since they have chosen, for reasons that we are going to remind you of, often reasons of Love, reasons of helping others; but they have chosen, in this incarnation, to be at the same level as everyone. “At the same level” means to live in the third dimension, not at the same spiritual level or the level of consciousness, but to live experiences of the third dimension, and because of this to pass the last, truly the last exam of passage, and to obtain the marvelous diploma.”

They are showing me a large sheet of paper that is a little the color of gold and silver at the same time, and there the name of everyone is inscribed in luminous letters on this very particular sheet of paper.

“Therefore, your name is going to be inscribed there because you will have your diploma for passing into the intermediary time, this intermediary world; you will have it on the condition that you do not renounce your positioning, your freedom. This would be really regrettable because soon the total Light will be in your consciousness, and if you falter you will be infinitely unhappy.

So, no matter what it costs, wait a little while longer, be firm in your decisions. “Wait” is not the word, we wish to say to wait before entering into this totally evil whirlwind for some; just wait, do nothing! Many things are going to be precipitated and that which is creating a terrible pressure right now is going to fall all of a sudden.

Therefore, if this must last one, two or three months (we are speaking about those who are in the middle of work, obviously), do what you can to find the solution to push back the possibility of entering into this evil whirlwind, because at a certain moment this will no longer exist.

This will no longer exist which is why you have the shadow examiner, (and we like this formula), who tries to force things so that you will fail, to win in relation to the Light, more beings acquired for what he desires.

But what the shadow examiner has not understood is that he will also, one day, be absorbed by the Light. For the moment, in this immense exam of the passage, the Light needs the shadow. This may seem unreasonable or incomprehensible to you, but you are shadow and Light, and in order to be able to really define what you are, in relation to yourself of course, you need, on the outside, as much shadow as Light.

So, here you are, you are really in this marvelous time, in this time of accomplishment, in this time where all the souls who have gone from life to life, will no longer have to incarnate in the worlds of the third dimension. Many beings who have positioned themselves, are living their last incarnation in the third dimension.

Therefore, do not falter! Remain firm no matter what happens! Remain firm in your position, in your decisions, in freedom!

Afterwards, another world will open up to you, such a marvelous world, so easy, so serene, so full of joy and of Love, full of beauty, that you cannot even imagine it, except in a simple projection of thought.

But this world is merited. It is merited by letting go (this is not really the right word) because you will let go of all the weight of your incarnations.

Work on your emotional center! For the beings of the third dimension, the emotional center has immense importance, but it is going to evolve. Progressively, it will no longer lead you towards inferior emotions, some sensations that you have no idea about, and this will be absolutely marvelous for you who have had the courage to say “No”, very simply.

What more can we tell you about your future? The exam that you are passing at this moment is unfortunately a very difficult exam because it constantly puts you in front of yourself, it asks you constantly to position yourself, and it is yourself who, in a certain way, will grade yourself because you will have more and more awareness of your errors, of your behavior, and the lack of Love that you have for yourself.

We can tell you that in the months to come, many, many, many Light Workers, of which you are a part, will have positioned themselves differently.

They will have placed themselves on the departure line, on the line of the great shifting. They will have had the courage and the force to say: “We are letting ourselves go, we are going to make the quantum leap, we are ready to take this great quantum leap, even if we do not know what awaits us on the other side, even if we do not really know the ins and outs of the world that awaits us and that is going to welcome us. We are ready!”

It is asked of you to take a leap into the unknown, and this is not easy, even for the souls who volunteered and who have known some rather extraordinary experiences that they remember. As you have blocked yourself at the level of memories, you are subjugated like all beings, and you are in front of this great leap.

Therefore, you must really be able to affirm yourself in what you are, in what you want to become, and above all to not be afraid of this great leap into the unknown and we are even going to say the invisible since for the moment this world is not yet accessible and that is invisible to your eyes, it is invisible to your consciousness, and even it is “invisible” at the level of what you could feel of this world which awaits you.

We would like to add this:

In your studies, you have exams of passage, but you also have exams to catch up, therefore some could pass very easily this exam of passage and others will need an exam to catch up.

In this exam to catch up there will be all of those who have allowed themselves to be fooled, given illusions, and manipulated but who will become aware of it at the last moment, who will regret it, and who, at that moment, will go back, will accept many things that they could not accept. It will be as if, all of a sudden, their consciousness opened and they felt regret, saying: “We allowed ourselves to be fooled and manipulated by the shadow, but the Light is here, and it can transform everything in me since now I am aware of the Light and I call upon it.” We hope that they will be numerous for this exam to catch up because the world that awaits you is a marvelous world.

So, what will become of all the other beings? It will not be dramatic for them! They will leave the plane of the Earth and they will go and incarnate elsewhere because there are billions of possibilities in the Universe; they will go and incarnate in worlds of the third dimension, but these will not be schools of initiation like the school on Earth because the Earth makes you live a perpetual initiation at the level of all that you do.

You are almost initiated from your birth to your departure. Every experience that you live is an initiation because the experiences are hard, even from early infancy; there are even babies who live some terrible experiences like mistreatment; all of this is a part of the permanent initiations that you must live through in the third dimension, and particularly on Earth that will become an absolutely marvelous world, a little planet of radiance and light that will dazzle all the beings, all of your Cosmic Brothers, all of your Galactic Brothers who will come visit it.

Therefore, as there is always an immense Divine Justice, all those who must leave, and they will be legion, will already have acquired greater knowledge, even if in this end of times there is a psychic manipulation, there is a manipulation of waves, etc., that all beings who are often fragile and weak are subjected to and who do not have the necessary consciousness to be aware of the manipulations that they are subjected to.

Therefore, these beings will go and incarnate on other planets to continue their journey and their apprenticeship. The initiations will be lighter, less difficult. These will be planets that, even in the third dimension will be lighter, more accessible to evolution.

In the current cycle, there have really been the greatest human experimentations because the last exam, the one that you are passing, has an absolutely capital importance for the continuity of the evolution of all the Light Workers, of all those who have been totally loyal to themselves…

An exam of passage in your world is to go towards something else. This can be an exam of passage to acquire knowledge that is going to serve you later in life, and here this is the same, you are passing an exam of passage to learn afterwards what is going to be revealed to you, to begin a new life.

Life is constantly beginning over in new vibratory frequencies, in new consciences, in new worlds. Life is infinite and it begins over and over again until the Mother Soul returns towards the Creator, toward God the Father-Mother, but there are millions and millions and millions of lives before returning to the Source.

The more you climb, the more you will be aware of the Source, but you cannot yet melt into it.”

They are telling me:

“Now we are going to leave you.

May Love, Peace and Joy inundate your life constantly, especially Joy and Love.

We love you infinitely and we say: we will see you soon!”

© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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