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This transmission was published around Jan 4, 2021.
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The year 2021 and the presence of Mary
“2021 will be a stranger year than 2020.
You were not expecting to experience all that you lived through in 2020.
2021 will bring you a storm and the sun. Those who can understand will understand!
2021 will bring many answers to your questions.
For some 2021 will be terrible, even more terrible than 2020; for others it will be a year of revelations in relation to themselves, even a year of revelations…I will say no more.
We are however going to tell you that for those who have taken the good path, for those who are very open and those who are in the Love, the year will be relatively gentle despite the tumult and the revelations, because even if they are subjected to what is happening outside, they will have the necessary force.
So, prepare yourself!
What will 2021 be like? A great surprise awaits humanity in two ways!”
They are showing me an immense storm, I hear a terrible noise, then all of a sudden, the sun begins to appear and to grow and grow more…the storm passes, the sound diminishes more and more. The Sun becomes sparkling in splendor, beauty and Light.
“So, think about that!
When you are strongly tormented, simply think about the sun!
Think that in life, in your life, the sun appears after the storm!
In your life it will be like that. A storm will break out perhaps at night…we are not speaking about the night in the physical sense, but the night that is lacking Love, the night of inferior forces, the night of the conscience, etc.…Then, the sun will shine in the shadows, the sun will light up the shadows, the sun will dissolve the shadows!”
I feel a presence in the deepest part of me.

That marvelous presence is that of Mary. She is telling me:
“I am much beyond what I was on Earth!
I have come not only to offer you the immense Love in my heart but also to tell you: have no fear!
The somber light has no power over the beings who have opened their heart!
You, Children of the Earth, you are on the side of the Light and the Love! You are open to a new consciousness. You have accepted my presence; you have accepted what I am.
Be confident!
I will manifest myself in a physical form in many places in your world, those where there will be the most suffering, those where the somber light will manifest itself with violence.
I will manifest myself also more and more to you to give you force and confidence, to put my Love in you so that it will allow you to make your own Love grow.
If I could use terrestrial language, I would say that I am proud of you, proud to see how much you have advanced, proud to see your courage, proud to feel the Love that is in your heart.
I wish with all my heart to make yours vibrate so that the veils that prevent you from opening it totally can be dissolved and removed.
I have a mission on Earth, I have a mission near you, I have a mission near all of the beings of heart, all the beings who have or do not have a religion. For me, religion as you live it does not resemble what my beloved Son tried to offer you.
Besides, he did not wish to have a religion in his name! Men have done as they always do! They have misunderstood because they were not sufficiently awakened to understand what Love is, to understand that a being who awakens to Love must automatically offer it to another being who is not yet completely awakened so that he can help him.
The mission is always to help life so that it evolves more and more towards the Love of God the Father-Mother.
I myself continue to evolve, of course not in the same way as you. I serve. I am at the service of Love, I am at the service of my children, of my brothers, and I am always at the service of life, always at the service of Love.
May it be the same for you!”
She is telling me:
“I will help you through this narrow passage! I will enlighten your path with my Love, with my Light.
I will help you to grow within and I will essentially help you to eradicate your fears as much as possible. Your real enemies are your fears!
I love you infinitely, I love you even more knowing that you are growing, that you are blossoming, that you will radiate.
Life is beautiful! Life is not what you are being shown, life is different! You will understand these words in a time that we hope and that I hope will be as soon as possible.
Humanity, all humanities have greatly suffered! It is time now for humanity and all humanities to be liberated.
When I speak of humanities, I wish to say that the impregnation of all the suffering that the different humanities have experienced must be liberated at the level of the impregnation left upon this world, because the suffering emitted by people leaves a mark not only on the earth but also on the planet.
All of this will be swept away, liberated, and I will do my part, like my Galactic Brothers and Sisters, to make sure it is done according to the Divine Plan.
For this solar system, for this planet, for all of the souls, the will of the Father-Mother and of the marvelous Divine Plan will soon be accomplished!
You may ask: “but what does “soon” mean!” So, I will answer you simply: soon! It is up to you to accelerate the process of mutation, of the transformation of life!
You will be helped, very, very greatly helped, more than you ever have been!
You will be helped, because the time has come to liberate this world, the moment has come to liberate your solar system! On certain planets of your solar system, there is still a life that we must transform.
Be confident! Do not be afraid! Go forward. Liberate yourself! Liberate yourself from your own chains and also liberate yourself from the chains of fear.
Go forward in confidence, in joy, in Love. My presence accompanies you and will always accompany you!
No matter where you are, you can call upon me. In the difficult circumstances of your life, you can call upon me.
Remember that I do not belong to any religion, except the religion of Universal Love, that religion that connects all beings, that already connects all the beings in certain solar systems, even in the galaxies, and soon you will be a part of the awakened children, the Children of the Universe, the Galactic Children.
I salute you; I bless you!
Have confidence in life, have confidence in me, have confidence in yourself!
I love you and I will always love you, no matter where you are, no matter what you do!”
© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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