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Published around Mar 25, 2022.
This post is a translation (with the help of Google Translate) of the original French version titled:
Demain, nous saurons qui nous sommes

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Tomorrow we will know who we are


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“Children of Light, Brothers of the Earth, it is with great happiness that we are still among you.

For many years, as you have often been told, we have been trying to do the best we can to encourage you, to facilitate your path on this world (which we qualify for the moment as quite dark) . We try to be there for every experience in your life.

Of course, what we are going to tell you will not suit everyone, because everyone has their spiritual orientation, their way of functioning, their feelings, their beliefs, so we are speaking globally and we are happy for those who can to hear.

Know that we never meant to instill fear in our lyrics. On the contrary, we have tried to give you confidence and faith and to tell you that beyond what you are going through, how beautiful and well lived life can be.

However, we will tell you this:

For everyone, depending on how he thinks, depending on how he conceives the experiences of his life, everything can be good, less good or very bad. Two people can have the same experiences; for one they will be lived with much more ease than for the other, because one will live them with the consciousness of Love, of joy, of acceptance, while the other will live them with another consciousness, in revolt, and will think: “Why me, why is all this happening to me?” So these are two totally different ways of thinking and conceiving of life.

The same is true for fear. Many human beings (they are so different from each other) will have very different fears; they were subjected to fears that we are going to qualify as terrible and destabilizing for humanity, fears that have been experienced for two Earth years.

So, of course, we don’t want to add fear to fear; we have been trying for so many years to show you the path that you can take and travel as easily as possible.

We know that the last messages we gave may have generated misunderstanding and fear. We have warned you that tomorrow such and such will happen for your advancement, for the total liberation from the prison in which you have been for multiple incarnations, that is to say the prison of the darkness of consciousness. ; we tell you that in a while you will be freed from all that, you will finally be you, you will finally understand who you are and the way you function, what your lives have been and what your path has been.

Is having access to all this not worth going through the eye of the needle, that is to say through moments that can be complicated for human beings?

In reality, there will be no complications! In all that we have told you (and we repeat it very succinctly) there is simply a change in your physical being, a modification of consciousness and above all an immense reward at the end of all this, that of finally being able to live in a world that many of you desire from the bottom of your heart.

We are not going to talk about fear again because everyone will experience their own fears, their misunderstandings, the badly received, the badly understood, the badly said word. Human beings are unfortunately often misunderstood. What often creates family or relational divisions is the misunderstanding of the word that is said by such and such a person or even by us who can say the word or the sentence that you do not understand and who can direct you to a path that you will not necessarily understand.

We would like to tell you, and we can tell you with precision, that in the coming weeks and months THERE WILL BE VERY BIG VIBRATIONAL TRANSFORMATIONS for this world; when we say that, we are talking about all life on this world.

We are going to explain these great transformations to you in a completely different way.

As you have already been told (and this may shock some people who have not yet acquired the awareness of the universality of life), Father-Mother God is in all life in all His Creation, whether in the various kingdoms, in the planetary consciousnesses of the spheres, on the planets, in the solar systems, the galaxies, etc. Everything was created by The Source and, as you were told some time ago, She is in the process of refining Her Creation, that is to say making it even more beautiful.

In a slightly more poetic way, you have been told that Father-Mother God is improving the magnificent painting of Creation that He has executed; He refines, He makes more beautiful, He transforms, He lightens. As the vibration of Father-Mother God is in all life, you will pass into an even higher vibration than that which is currently yours on planet Earth. Of course some will say: “the vibrations are not high considering all that is going on!” We are going to say this: “it is precisely because the vibrations are rising more and more that so much is happening on your world at present; as you have already been told, most of what is happening is hidden. You only see a very small part of the iceberg, that is to say a very small part of what corresponds to the gigantic transformation, not only of your world but of Life.

Everything that happens leads you to another understanding; you no longer want to live on the political and spiritual food (spiritual badness we would say) that your media constantly pumps out. Now another food will be given to you, a much more subtle food, an extremely precious divine food; its mission will be precisely to give you the necessary energy to face everything you will have to face, and above all to help you eradicate your fears.

We will add this:

Where there is love there is no fear! Where there is compassion there is no violence, there is no fear! Try to think about how it corresponds to yourself!

Transform yourself in Love. Accept the supreme Vibration which is the Vibration of Love. Agree not only to integrate it, but also to radiate it!

Many human beings do not like each other. They can’t even assume that they can be loved by their brothers, so they can’t live without fear, fear of the other, fear of everything, fear of nothing.

Brothers of the Earth, love yourselves, be aware that deep within you remains a Divine Part, and that from the moment it remains within you nothing can reach you. If you are aware of this immense power, the fears are absolutely obsolete, they cannot even express the thousandth of what they experience in the current state of a part of humanity that lives through fears.

Accept that the Love Vibration floods you, that it radiates within you. Accept that the exterior Love, the Love of all that surrounds you, penetrates you, grows in you. Accept that the Love of your Divine Part is expressed, radiates, guides you, transforms you. It must be so and it will be so!

This is why we have told you that in a relatively short earthly time, in the next few weeks or the next few months, many things will change in human beings; they live an immense spiritual preparation, the immense preparation for the gigantic leap, the quantum leap, the leap of the body, the leap of the soul.

We are not going to tell you when this jump will take place, it does not matter. What is important is what you are currently doing with your life, what you are doing in relation to your thoughts, in relation to your sufferings and in relation to your revolts. Do not revolt at anything, always be in confidence, in faith, in joy and in benevolence.

Know that you are not alone! You really need to be able to integrate it into yourself! You are not alone because all human beings have this Divine Part within them; even those if they are malevolent, they are born just like you, by God, by The Source; they simply forgot! They have forgotten who they are, they have simply been manipulated by dark forces. However, deep within all human beings, even those who work with a consciousness totally different from yours, a consciousness of power for example, are born from The Source. All will return to The Source in more or less time, centuries, millennia, hundreds of millennia; we do not count what cannot be counted.

At the present time, it is given a great chance to humanity and even to all the kingdoms of life – the mineral, the vegetable, the animal and the human – that of being able to access something else. We repeat it once again, if you are not in the acceptance of these immense changes, if you permanently put fear in yourselves, you slow down your evolution. You also slow down all the Divine Energies, all the extraordinary energies which will penetrate more and more this world; you will prevent these energies from flooding you, however they will come into you, they will cross you, they will stabilize in many of you but your fears will slow them down, that is to say they will not fulfill the role that they have to be fulfilled in relation to your future life.

You, our fellow human beings, you only see your life in terms of one, two or three days, in terms of your experiences, in terms of your past, in terms of a possible future that may never be lived. We would like to tell you: see your future in Light, in rediscovered joy, in Love.

Currently, many human beings living on planet Earth have lost joy, and joy is a vibration. We like to say that Joy is the little sister of Love; it is also in the depths of each one of you, and despite the trials that you may experience on a daily basis, despite the sufferings and sorrows, Joy is there; it is enough simply to accept it, it is enough simply that you accept to express the Joy. Love and lightness. ; “lightness” means not being in this density which, sometimes, can weigh you down. For us, levity is taking a lot of distance from your life, from who you are.

What more can we tell you, not only to reassure you but to take your hand, to guide you to the end of the road?

It is that you are going to be reborn to yourselves. You will have the immense joy of rediscovering yourselves, of remembering who you have been, where you come from; it will be offered to you in your new life.

We would also like to tell you that life on Earth does not even last for a moment, that you will have eternity to understand, evolve, grow in Love and in consciousness. So, give your life its sacred meaning, and not that of material and human life. Don’t cling desperately to life and your fears; life is light, it is beautiful, it is Joy, it is experience, it is Love. Take the best of life and life will give you the best.

We wanted to tell you on this day: always keep trust and faith! We have said this over and over again, but we need to repeat the same thing often so that you can understand, integrate and express.

You are loved, Children of the Earth, you are protected by the Beings of Light and by your Galactic Brothers; at this moment they are working intensely for you, to restore a certain harmony. We cannot tell you exactly everything that is happening beyond your awareness, beyond your understanding.

The only thing we want to say to you again is: advance on the marvelous path of Light which is traced for each one of you; move forward serenely, live fraternity, live kindness, live all the qualities of the soul, express them and offer them.

We love you infinitely.

“Now we leave you.

May Peace, Joy and Love flood your life permanently. Trust, life is wonderful; learn to love it, to cherish it in the depths of your heart.

See you very soon, see you very soon! »


© 1984-2022 Monique Mathieu

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