Travis Scott – Astroworld Wake Up call. Utopia or Hell? | Amanda Ellis | Nov 9, 2021 (Video)

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Amanda Ellis
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A look at the events around the 8 deaths at Astroworld and the Travis Scott concert. We need to look at this before we can walk through the 11:11 Gateway – Darkness & Light in an 11 month always raises its head. 
This video includes a healing and clearance for Houston and the surrounding area and those injured. RIP to those who lost their lives. What sacrifice did they make to wake us up to what is in front of our faces. 
Archangel Metatron talks ‘Spiritual Hygiene’ and the need to be careful what we consume. We play with fire when we tap into imagery, beat and energy that is not of the light – this isn’t a game however well it is packaged. 
A look at what Travis knew – (he knew something was off on the night itself) AND TWO CHOICES  he now has going forward (capitals turned themselves on there) – one is light – the other isn’t. 
We also look at the energy of the Music Industry itself – well overdue a big purge. This event will awaken many and bring much reflection too. 
Please do not create a witch hunt in the comments – this video ends with love being sent to everyone – The Victims, Travis, The Industry and Metatron disperses the ‘Dark Cloud’ of energy over the sea for transmutation. 
A look also at Spiking and parallels with regards lack of consent / mandatory orders  at macro  level re jabs. Also symbolism of ‘I can’t breathe’ again….immature versus mature souls too. 
Only love heals and love always wins. 
I would like to add that as I finished this video my doorbell rang it was a delivery guy who had the most angelic face I have seen in a long time – and he looked very like Travis – I took that as a sign that his heart wants to purge any lower energy around him and I would like us to send him some healing for sure, he can be a positive influence going forward. 
Many entertainers get trapped in the Industry which has a dark heart – but all hearts actually belong to God – and God always wins.

Linkin Park stopped show to help fan who fell down on the floor- London, Docklands Arena 16.09.2001

Madonna Eurovision Energy Read 2019

Oracle Decks: Healing Light Tarot – Christopher Butler, Japaridze Tarot by Nino Japaridze, Angel & Ancestors Oracle Cards – Kyle Gray

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