Twitter bans reaction to Trump tweet; House GOP Reps object to Arizona votes | NTD | Jan 6, 2021 (Video)

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0:00 NTD Evening News—01/06/2021 0:31 Rioters Break Into US Capitol Building 3:11 President Trump: Go Home, We Need Peace 4:20 Twitter Bans Reactions to a Trump Tweet 4:58 Biden Reacts to Washington, D.C. Protests 5:56 Joint Session of Congress Debates Arizona 9:21 House GOP Reps Object To Arizona Votes 12:42 Trump’s Speech at the ‘Save America March’ 16:19 Trump Jr.: Be a Hero, The Choice is Yours 20:40 Trump Supporters say why They Showed Up 23:11 ‘Save America’ Rallygoers: In God We Trust 26:31 Ohio Rep.’s Objection to Electoral Votes 28:38 Congress Members Object to Electoral Votes 31:06 Rep. Gohmert: Jan 6th is the Last Stop 33:04 Georgia Democrats Claim Win, More Ballots to Count 35:39 California and Nevada Rallies for Freedom 38:01 Boston Trump Rallygoers on Their ‘Why’
The Washington D.C. mayor orders a curfew after rioters break into the U.S. Capitol building, President Donald Trump addresses the violence that erupted in the Capitol, and the Senate takes an indefinite recess after meeting to discuss electoral votes and the objection to Arizona.

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