UK Newspaper Hides Ukraine Truth in Plain Sight (and an old BBC News Report) | The New Atlas | Apr 12, 2022 (Video)

The Sun has featured a video – part of the West’s wider war propaganda effort – where something horrendous has been hidden in plain sight – just as it has been across the Western media for the past 8 years regarding Ukraine – and something that Russia has cited as one of several justifications for its current military operations in Ukraine. 

The Sun – Reverend prays for victims of war in Ukraine’s Borodyanka: 
Wikicommons – Right Sector Emblem: 
The BBC – Profile: Ukraine’s ultra-nationalist Right Sector (2014): 
The BBC – Ukraine: Right Sector threat to Poroshenko’s government? BBC News (2015): 
Norse Mythology for Smart People – THE VEGVISIR:
University of Alberta – White supremacists are misappropriating Norse mythology, says expert: 
The Norwegian American – Viking symbols “stolen” by racists: 
Haaretz – Ukrainian Official Changes Tune on ‘Unacceptable’ March Honoring SS Unit (2021): 
The BBC – Ukraine crisis: Tension over rise of nationalist Yarosh (2015):

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