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This article was originally published on July 8, 2018.


This July is a wonderful month for Spirituality and Inner growth. The Lunar month of Aashada begins and its energies will be predominant. We shall also have two Eclipses.

We will receive energies from ParaBrahma directly during Ashada Masa. Through these energies it becomes easy to connect with the Source and experience the Formless. We will also be able to experience the primary aspects of God— Peace and Bliss, and the unconditional Love of God, through the special energies. It is important, especially in this turbulent period.

The energies from ParaBrahma will contain diverse aspects– healing and nurturing to that which stirs and shakes our conscience. The best way to deal with all these energies is to accept and accommodate them. We keep ourselves open and allow the energies to work through us.

This month and the period of Ashada Masa is very good for introspection, stabilizing our Sadhana and to organise ourselves. It is the period to strengthen and focus our efforts. The energies aid us amazingly in this regard. The focus should be on implementing and manifesting what we learn and know in theory. Living a complete Spiritual life may seem difficult but it is possible. It takes a lot of efforts to begin with, and we do it one step at a time.

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There is a set of three eclipses beginning from this New Moon Day. Two of them are in July and the third is in August. This period which coincides with Ashada Masa is an important phase and there will be many important Spiritual works taking place at the Astral level.

The Eclipses will contain energies related to cleansing and churning which will be released all over the Earth. These energies will impact humanity powerfully. The energies are expected to throw up many of the suppressed and unresolved issues we hold within. It will be a challenging period.

We can deal with these in a sensible manner with the help of Light and our Spiritual wisdom.

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It is often mentioned that our life experiences shape and define who we are. In our pursuit to become fully positive and Divine, it is the negative experiences of our life that prevent this from manifesting. We carry many of our unpleasant experiences forward. They can be misunderstandings, pain, sufferings, blocks of various natures and other ‘baggage’.

These aspects influence our thoughts and actions for many years and become rigid patterns over time. In course of our spiritual growth, we address them and gradually heal them. Depending on the past experience, some find it overwhelming to deal with the past and land up only suppressing or ignoring them.

In this present period of Pralaya, the energies will bring these issues to the fore. We have to deal with them. When we work on healing the Inner Issues, indirectly our health and overall wellbeing also improves.

To help us with this, the Rishis have devised a beautiful technique which helps us to heal our past and the unresolved issues. The technique may seem simple, but a lot of effort and Tapas Shakti of the Rishis is behind this. It is very efficient and powerful.

Practicing this technique regularly will give wonderful results. It will heal many issues as well as bring closure to other aspects that matter a lot. It also helps us to cope up with the tough and challenging situations that have been bothering us for a long time.

Technique for Clearing the Suppressed and Unresolved Issues

In this technique, we deal with the issues of our past that still needs to be accepted, healed and overcome. They include various aspects like pains and sufferings we have been through, the misunderstandings and emotions like shame and embarrassment that we carry silently and other sufferings and baggage we carry.

Healing these aspects is necessary as they prevent us from becoming fully positive and inhibits the manifestation of our Inner Divinity.

Face East
Duration – 30 to 60 minutes

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with dark-Blue Light. This is very important. Do not hurry up with this practice.

Then mentally identify the issues that we need to deal with and imagine these aspects in front of you as a ball.

Then imagine Fluorescent dark-Blue Light coming from above and send the Light to all the pain, hurts, suffering and blocks. Keep sending the Light to these aspects. With time imagine them to reduce in size and finally dissolve completely.

Keep repeating “Om Neela, Dwitha Brahmaya Namaha”.

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The Special Days of July are—

13th July — Amavasya
                   Solar Eclipse — 07:18 to 09:44am IST


The duration of this Partial Solar Eclipse is between 01:48 to 04:14 UT/GMT.

The energies of this Eclipse can already be felt and it will be strong and intense during the actual Eclipse. The main energies which will be released during the Eclipse will be related to cleansing and clearing of our inner aspects and they will also aid in surfacing the aspects which are suppressed. Other energies relating to Pralaya too will be released.

The Rishis mention that the main goal of each individual is to take responsibility for our actions. Once we take responsibility, we naturally begin to work and act on it. If we do this simple thing, sailing through will be easier comparatively.

The energies from ParaBrahma also begin to flow to our Earth from this day, which bring new opportunities and more Light into our lives.

The energies of Amavasya will be available on the 12th itself and we can practice the Amavasya technique then or even during the eclipse.

We can also practice the following special technique for the eclipse—

Face North
Duration – Between 07:18 to 09:44am IST (01:48 to 04:14 UT/GMT)

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with Golden Light.

Then imagine dark-Blue Light coming from above and allow it to fill yourself completely. Imagine that as more Light gathers within, you begin to shine and radiate in this Light.

Then send the same Light to your future events, and to your overall Life and situations. Keep experiencing this throughout the Meditation.

Keep repeating the mantra “Om Surya Grahanaya, Shaktiyai Namaha”.

13th July to 11th August — Ashada Masa

Ashada is the Lunar month when the energies from ParaBrahma will flow directly to the Earth. Hence it is a very auspicious month and a wonderful opportunity for Sadhana.

In the present period where the energies of Pralaya force everyone to deal with their inner issues, the energies from ParaBrahma will help in amazing ways. A lot of Divine help will be available and more energies of healing and nurturing will be present.

This is the period where we can receive guidance from God. Those who are intuitive will receive more messages and guidance. The Rishis are working hard to help humanity receive them and spread the information from God directly.

The energies from ParaBrahma also help in healing the past, overcome the pain and suffering and move forward. The energies help in connecting to the positivity and strengthening it. If we can use the opportunity well, months’ worth of progress can be made in this short period.

As the energies flow from the Formless directly, we can connect and experience this more easily compared to other periods. The peak of this will be during the mid of the month on the Full Moon day and hence that day is observed as Guru Purnima, the day to experience the Guru — the Formless God.

The whole Earth and the entire humanity will be energised on this day. We may be sensitive to it, but even if we are not, we will be. Be open and connect to the Light and Love from God.

We can practice the following Meditation technique for the entire period of Ashada Masa -13th July to 11th Aug. Please practice regularly and sincerely. It will help us to connect and experience ParaBrahma and receive more of his Love and guidance. It will also help in solving issues and rejuvenate us.

Face North
Duration – 1 hour. You can practice more if you have time.

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright-Golden Light.

First offer your love and gratitude to ParaBrahma. You can also place your prayers.

Then imagine very bright Golden-Blue Light coming from ParaBrahma and allow this Light to fill your whole body. As you gather more Light, imagine yourself to be radiating and shining in this Light.

Then slowly send the same Light to your concerns, worries and prayers and any issue bothering you from a long time. Keep sending the Light and imagine that these issues are getting fully immersed in the Light and dissolving.

Keep experiencing the Light throughout the Meditation. Repeat the mantra “Om ParaBrahmaya, Smrutha Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

27th July — Guru Purnima
                   Jayanti of VedaVyasa Maharshi and Vasishtha Maharshi
                   Lunar Eclipse — 10:44pm to 04:59am (28th)

This entire day is meant for Meditation and experiencing. This is when the maximum energies from ParaBrahma flow and it will be a highly energetic and auspicious day. As there is a lunar eclipse later in the day, we will be receive a lot of energies from Chandra Deva (Moon God) too.

The birth anniversaries of VedaVyasa Maharshi and Vasistha Maharshi fall on this day. It is a wonderful opportunity for us to pay our respects to these Rishis as well and receive their Blessings.

It is day for Meditation and surrender. Let us spend day in silence and solitude and Meditate as much as we can. We can practice the following technique on the occasion of Guru Purnima.

Face North
Duration – As much as you can

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with bright Orangish-Golden Light.

Offer your respects, love and gratitude to ParaBrahma, and to VedaVyasa Maharshi and Vasishtha Maharshi.

Let us then gather our Spiritual prayers which are unfulfilled for a long time and place it to ParaBrahma and to VedaVyasa Maharshi and Vasistha Maharshi. Let us pray for our Spiritual growth and the ability to manifest more Light in our lives.

Then imagine bright-Violet Light coming from ParaBrahma, bright-Blue Light coming from VedaVyasa Maharshi and bright-Golden Light from Vasishtha Maharshi.

Allow these to fill our whole body slowly and gradually. Experience it for some time.

Then send the same energies to all your prayers and concerns and to your life events and situations and imagine to get immersed in the Light and shine in it.

Keep experiencing for the entire duration of the Meditation. Silently keep repeating the mantra “Om Guru Brahmaya, Veda Svarna Shaktiyai Namaha”.

¬       ¬       ¬

This technique is to be practiced only on this day. At any stage of practicing, if you find the energies heavy, relax and practice some deep breaths. You should be fine.

This technique will help us to experience energies from ParaBrahma and the energies from the Rishis.

The special energies we gather will lay a platform for many of the events and situations to take place ahead in a positive note. It will help further if we are able to introspect sincerely, be honest with ourselves and work hard towards improving.

Lunar Eclipse — 10:44pm (27th) to 04:59am (28th)


The duration of the Eclipse is between 17:14 to 23:29 GMT/UT.

On the same day of Guru Purnima, we have the Lunar Eclipse as well. It will be for a long duration and try to meditate as much as you can during this. If you are able to sit for the entire duration, it would be wonderful.

The energies that will be released during the eclipse is that which is required by every individual on the Earth. We will be receiving energies from various Sources and Personalities and they will play an important role ahead.

One aspect of the energies is to shake and change the old patterns. Another aspect is to help in surfacing of the suppressed issues and aid in cleaning of these. The energies also help to Spiritualise ourselves and connect to the Divine. They also bring individual guidance for humanity on dealing with the present period. In essence we bloom from the old ways to Higher ways of living.

Lord Kalki and the Rishis will be monitoring and supervising the entire process of the eclipse.

We can practice the following technique during the Lunar Eclipse—

Face North
Duration — 10:44pm (27th) to 04:59am (28th) [17:14 to 23:29 GMT/UT]

Begin with 12 rounds of Pranayama with Blue Light

Then imagine light-Violet Light coming from ParaBrahma, the Eclipse formation and from the Moon. Send this Light to your Present Life, Future events and situations and imagine them to shine and radiate in this Light.

After practicing this for some time, imagine the Light to fill you and keep experiencing this throughout the entire duration.

Repeat the mantra “Om Chandra Grahanaya, Brahma Shaktiyai Namaha” silently.

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