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The New Year — 2022



The coming Year brings in a lot of new experiences, and movement in our transition towards Satya Yuga.


The Shunya Masa Rishis are experts in Maya and they will release a lot of these special energies to our Earth. These energies will set the tone and direction for the coming Year. And it will be a new and rare experience for Humanity.


The coming year will be full of Maya and Divine’s magic throughout. How we perceive and experience it will be totally up to us. It can be awesome and transformative, or difficult if we do not tune-up.


We can consciously connect to this aspect of Maya. It will help us understand many things in better detail. For example, if we want to know why we are undergoing a problem, we can comprehend whether it is because of our karmas, or runas, or due to our ancestors, or the effect of this Pralaya period.


We can connect to and experience the Maya energies, but have to be patient to understand. Gratitude and Surrender will help us to connect to the energies better.


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The Shunya Masa Rishis will start various initiatives and projects which will be implemented throughout the Year. More of these details will be revealed only by Sankranti.


The Rishis also intend to invoke a separate Personality for each month of the Year.


January and February will be the period where most of the energies are anchored and various new concepts relating to Maya are implemented. They also begin to give direction to the life on Earth.


It is the period from March to May that we will be able to witness the impact and the changes of these initiatives. The Rishis mention that the period from June to September will be where we experience the rewards or punishments for our actions and this will help bring in further changes in the last quarter of the year.


The Rishis are reiterating some of the guidelines already given as these are important—


  1. Deep breathe often through the day
  2. Take the help of bright Golden Light and dark-Navy Blue Light to deal with daily life. (More details in this article)
  3. Exercise and keep yourself fit. Hydrate yourself well.
  4. Consciously adopt positivity in your life and cultivate more gratitude.
  5. Take time for yourself each day.
  6. Regularly come out of your comfort zone. This helps you to be more flexible, open and enhances your life.
  7. Have a hobby. It can be anything of your interest. This will help you to channel all the pent up energies, as well as your creative energy.


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Sankalpas for the New Year


The following are the Principles of 2022. We can make each of them as a Resolution so as to channel our efforts better. It will also enable us to be better tuned to the whole year as we as navigate it with better ease.


  1. Wake up, as well as go to sleep with Gratitude, Love and Light.


This simple yet powerful practice helps immensely in allowing the day to be as powerful and elegant as possible.


  1. Deep Breathe often.


Practising Pranayama at regular intervals throughout the day helps you to be at your mental best. It also helps in dealing with the stress of the day and has many health benefits


  1. Stop comparing, practice non-judgement


The principle is simple but very difficult to put into practice without sincere effort. When put into practice, this will also enable one to over any complexes they may have (eg: superiority complex, inferiority complex etc.)


Manifesting this aspect hastens our evolution to the Light Age.


  1. Take time for yourself


Spend time with your Self free from any distractions or diversions (including phone and television). The ideal period would be for 20 minutes. This helps one to have a good balance in their lives and aids their mental and physical health.


  1. Self-care and Nurturing


This aspects also includes taking care of ones mental and physical health. Nurturing oneself is an often neglected aspect in the busy life we lead. Taking care of oneself is a very important part of a Spiritual discipline.


  1. Respect — yourself as well as others


This is a tough resolution to implement but vital for this period. Value yourself and give yourself the respect you deserve. This is implemented in our intention, attitude and actions.


Similarly respecting others is equally important. Putting this into practice means that you respect others decisions and their ways without judgement. We may encounter tough situations with others, which has to be dealt with, but we need not go beyond that.


  1. Identify, Accept and Accommodate


These basic Principles help us embrace every changing life situations that we are undergoing. Being open also helps us to evolve with the period and bring in large transformation in our lives.


  1. Prioritize and Organise your life


This helps you to reduce stress as well as focus your intention and energy towards what you are working towards. The energies of 2022 are very conducive towards this aspect of organising one’s life and if implemented properly, they can witness a lot of positive changes in their lives.


  1. Let Spirituality be a part of your life


It is important to balance one’s spiritual and material aspects of life and this is a very important principle. Each should have some form of Sadhana as a part of their daily routine— it can be Meditation, Bhajans, prayers, Light… and this will become important in the coming period.


  1. Mind your own business


We being social beings, take it upon ourselves to be a part of other lives even when not solicited. It may feel good to be helpful to others but we have to make sure that we are not interfering or forcing ourselves onto others. We have to learn to mind our own business and respect the choices and actions of others.


Through this process, we also shield ourselves from the unnecessary negativity and situations of others and lead a more peaceful living.


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