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This transmission was published around Mar 3, 2021.
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Work on the eighth center of force
“Place your consciousness on your coronal center of force, then continue to elevate your consciousness towards your eighth and your ninth center of force.
Connect the coronal center of force, the eighth and the ninth, with a ribbon of Light.
Position yourself essentially at the level of your eighth center of force towards which your consciousness projects itself.
If we are asking you to do this, it is because the eighth center or force is going to become more and more active in relation to what you are, and it will help you very much in your own mutation.
Visualize it with a very beautiful and very luminous white color, even if this color is not necessarily its color because colors can be different depending on the interpretations.
Therefore, place your consciousness on this eighth center of force and let go. Avoid thinking about anything.
You may perhaps feel the effects on your body, but do not expect anything, you will see what will happen.
Simply connect yourself to this center of force, much more powerful than your coronal center of force.
However, by connecting yourself to it, you will be able to feel your coronal center of force in action, like prickling, like an activity on your seventh center of force.
Do this in consciousness.
You are now feeling perfectly well in your body because you have activated your eighth center of force.
It will also have as a mission to bring you a superior energy, a subtle energy, an energy of Love that will help your entire body of matter.
You are feeling perfectly well inside. You feel that Love vibrating in the deepest part of yourself.
Offer it to all of your human brothers, by visualizing that they awaken, one after the other, as if they were discovering a new day, a new Light, a new reality.
Afterwards, offer that Love, that Vibration, to the government leaders who are currently activating themselves to liberate the world, obviously with the help of your Galactic Brothers.
Spread the Love that you offer to all the government leaders, no matter who they are, and it matters little for whom they work, because even a vile being working in the shadow can be touched by the Love and the Light that emanates from what you are. A miracle can take place!
Finally, offer that Love Vibration to all lives in this world and to the diverse kingdoms.
Enlighten the world and all that lives on its surface with this marvelous Light of Love or Love Light.”
© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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