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Vous ne pourrez jamais retourner en arrière !


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You can never turn back!
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“We are infinitely happy, infinitely happy to be with you, and as always infinitely happy to be able to help you, to be able to guide you.

Certainly in these times you really need the help of the planes of Light, you need the help of your Guides, you need the help of your Galactic Brethren, and it is with a immense Love that all these Beings come to help planet Earth in its immense transformation, in its immense transition.

For the moment, Children of the Earth, you are in many concerns, you are in a personal and collective mutation, everything is changing around you and in you. You don’t necessarily see these changes in yourself, yet they are there.

Each day that you live, each day that you experience, will open the door wider to your becoming; however, among human beings, among all your brothers, there are some who do not want to wake up. They are in a beautiful dream or even a nightmare sometimes, but they will somehow be forced to wake up and some may have a painful awakening.

So you might as well wake up right away, you might as well open your eyes to yourself and everything around you. But opening your eyes is not enough, you have to try to understand, but not necessarily through your France.

What is happening now corresponds to the awakening of all humanity. So, of course, there are countries where beings take longer to wake up, others will wake up much faster, and other countries where beings will not only wake up faster but where they will also claim their place. as human beings.

We hope, and we will do all we can, so that there are leading countries, countries which are in the lead and which can set an example for all the other countries to free themselves, free themselves from the shackles, liberate from this false civilization which destroys man; by “destroy man” we do not necessarily speak in relation to what is imposed on you in your body, we mean “to destroy man” in relation to his conscience, to what he is and what he is. must become.

So it is this revival that we hope to help you make. We hope to help you lift the veil, that veil that will set you free at the level of consciousness and at the level of your chains. “

They tell me :

“Currently human beings have wide open doors in front of them, and some remain in their prison all the same. They just have to cross the threshold to be in another consciousness, another reality, another dimension; when we speak of “another dimension” it means another dimension of the awakening of consciousness and their new reality.

Do not forget also that when we speak of dimensions, we also speak of third, fourth, fifth, sixth dimension, and more and more all the awakened beings, consciously or unconsciously, are preparing to go towards their new civilization, towards their new consciousness, towards their new dimension of existence.

To give you an idea of ​​where humanity is at, we will take the image of the bridge, of the crossing, of this crossing that leads you to the other bank where you will be completely different, where you will have left behind. ‘other side of the bridge that you are crossing the dark side where you will leave all your past; by this we mean that you will take with you the quintessence of all that you will have learned, of all that you will have lived and essentially of all that you will have been able to learn and live in fraternity, in Love, in joy, etc. So we go back to the bridge and say you don’t even have a quarter of that bridge left to cross, and many of you are already feeling the new energies, the energy of their tomorrow, the energy that you will find when they will have finished crossing that bridge and where they will actually be in another world, in another civilization.

Ancient civilization is dead. You can never, and we have said it before and we will say it again, you can never go back. Why that ? Because in the civilization that you are going to leave, everything is wrong. Even the pleasures you thought were pleasurable are just false pleasures; often even these pleasures have been imposed on you like sport, certain distractions, competitiveness even in sport, etc., they are pleasures imposed so that you forget who you are, that you forget where you have to go, towards the Light which will enlighten you more and more.

So you might ask us, “But when we’re on the other side of the bridge, what will we do? What will our entertainment be, our hobbies?” And here we are going to tell you something precious: the most beautiful thing will already be to become aware of who you are and to go really towards the spiritual.

We would like to find another word than “spiritual” because that word has been overused, sometimes misinterpreted, misunderstood. True spirituality is one in which you will integrate essential notions: Love and the awareness of your belonging to God Father Mother, to the Universe. Until you acquire this awareness of belonging, you will not be in true spirituality.

In your churches, in your religions, you are certainly taught in a certain way (and again in a restrictive way), you are taught what spirituality can be, but it is a spirituality which is unfortunately often “arranged” to have power over the mass of human beings.

Tomorrow, true spirituality, true religion will be the religion of Love, the religion of creativity.

When you will be in the new civilization, each of you will learn to create, to create by thought, to create quite simply with your hands, to create art, to create whatever can make the being grow, whatever. can bring out the beauty of being, Love, etc., So when you are on the other side of the bridge, you will have so many beautiful things to offer, so many beautiful things to learn! But the greatest gift is that when you are on the other side of the bridge you will not be alone.

You will see wonderful Beings who will come to you, who will take your hand and who will say to you: “I greet my brother, my brother who has finally understood, my brother who has finally crossed this bridge, and yet this bridge was not so difficult to go through, but often humans are constantly struggling. ”

The choice of life is not always simple, and we design it, but it is actually your choice before you come to this world. Sometimes, as we have often told you, the souls who come to this world are not aware of the hardness of this school, of the hardness of the Earth, with all that it comprises of extraordinary moments, of course, but also very difficult moments, moments which shape you, which forge you, which open you to a new way of being, to a new consciousness.

We really hope that you will cross it all together, that there will be as few beings as possible who will remain at the beginning of the bridge … Certainly, those who will remain at the beginning of the bridge are those who like this dying civilization, they like each other. in all the distractions (which are false distractions) which are there to stun people instead of leading them towards another reality, towards true joy; they are in false distractions… so some will stay. They will have neither the strength, nor the desire, nor the courage to cross this bridge, and yet this bridge is the past which will be dead, finished, which will no longer exist, there will be a glorious, wonderful future. , full of Light, Love and joy.

So walk forward! Take only the precious things to the other side of the bridge. And what is more valuable than experience? What is more valuable than anything you have been able to offer? What is more precious than the Love that you have been able to learn and offer to those who were close to you, to those you have loved? So all the experiences that have grown the soul, all the experiences that have made you move forward on the bridge, take them with you like a beautiful book, take only the beautiful experiences, only the quintessence of your incarnations, of your incarnation.

We say “of your incarnations” because you are in fact the totality of what you have been, from life to life, we mean multiple lives, maybe a hundred, maybe a thousand lifetimes that you have been able to live here. or elsewhere ; we remind you of this just for the record.

What does a life represent? A life, as we have often said, is just the blink of an eye, and yet it sometimes feels so heavy to you, sometimes it feels so long even when you are in trouble!

So project yourself as far as possible on the other side of the bridge! You only have a few meters to cross; you, Children of the Earth, you have suffered, you are often conditioned to live with difficulty by accepting the unacceptable but you are taking the last steps which lead you towards a new society, a new civilization, a new way of living together, a new way of understanding each other.

Do not think that what is happening on Earth now depends only on human beings who are against what we want to impose on them and who claim their freedom, it is quite another thing! We have already told you and we will say it again, it also comes from the extraordinary waves, the waves of wake-up being sent to you constantly. ”

What they show me is very beautiful: around the Earth there are very luminous spheres, white with sparkles. I think these spheres represent vessels, and they are all around the Earth.

In these vessels there are Beings of a very high spiritual level, Beings belonging to the High Hierarchies of Light, because the vessels are made of Light, they are not material as you might think; therefore in all these vessels, in all these spheres, there are Great Beings of Light who are there to project these beneficial waves on the total population of the Earth; they are waves of Love and serenity and they are like a call to fraternity, to meet in the demonstrations.

As we also said, no one will be able to annihilate these waves, no lower force will be able to destroy them, but as we have already said, and we repeat to ourselves, other waves are also projected towards humanity, much lower waves. You must understand that nothing will resist what is superior, to what emanates from the Great Planes of Light, to what emanates from your Brothers, whether Galactic or of Light, all those who are currently helping humanity. .

However, before crossing this bridge there is a brake, and this brake is called fear. “

They show me that some beings are turning back, and it pains me a lot because some have already crossed more than half of the bridge.

“They go back because they are afraid. They are afraid of leaving what they know to go towards what they do not know. “

It is very sad for me to see these “crowds” going backwards.

“So what can be done to encourage all these beings who are going backwards, who are afraid of their future, who are afraid of this new civilization where all the parameters will be different.

There really isn’t much to do! We help them, but you, you can love them, you can, with your positive thoughts, just visualize the beings who are on this bridge (it is an image, but a real image in a way) and instead of visualizing them going back, give them the strength to move on, talk to these crowds saying, “Come on, don’t go back, there is nothing for you back, but despair, only l darkness; if you go forward, there you will have the Light, you will have brotherhood, you will have Love! So do not go back, go forward! Even if you are afraid of what tomorrow may be for you , know that tomorrow, even if it seems strange to you, will be a thousand times greater than what you have experienced to date. “

You are in this passage which you can call “the passage of the bridge”; you can call it “narrow passage”, but whether it is the narrow passage or the bridge between two banks (this bridge between two banks is, in a way, real) you don’t have too long to be. on the other side.

We tell you this and understand it:

Even if you have almost reached the other side and if you stop, if you do not continue to advance, if you do not claim what you are, if you are not ready in yourselves, if you are hesitant, you will be frozen and everything will be different, but in a different way.

Children of the Earth, we truly hope that all goes wonderfully well for today’s humanity, that there is no chaos, that Mother Earth does not get angry with you, her children, and that there is a total unity in all lives, that is to say this respect, this Love for the various kingdoms, these awareness in relation to your Mother Earth, etc.

If you don’t have all of these, the Earth will really react, the Sun will react, the Universe will react. “


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