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You will go inescapably towards the Golden Age!
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March 5, 2021
They are telling me:
“Do not be too preoccupied with what your life will be like in a month, six months or a year! Live as best you can within, as we have told you, because in any case, we repeat it, all can go very fast or not so fast depending on the behavior or the immense mass of your human brothers, of our human brothers.
There is also a parameter that you must not forget and really consider, and that is the reaction of your Mother Earth.
She now needs to be liberated! She needs to be liberated from all the thoughts, and they are not the thoughts of the base of the human pyramid, even if there is fear even if there is a great fragility and even violence. She needs to be liberated from the chains created by those who believe themselves to be gods, or even more than gods, and who are nothing…and we do mean, who are nothing!
All of these human beings (or non-humans) will become aware too late of their profound incapacity, of their mistakes and of the manipulations to which they subjected the people on Earth.
They will become aware, probably at the moment of the destruction of their body! At that moment, for them, this will really be horrible. A great suffering will follow, a great suffering of the soul but also of the ego which, up until the last minute, is still in the body. They will have to manage that suffering! They will only be able to manage it for several moments, but several moments of terrible suffering due to the power of the monstrous ego, to the practices beyond what a human spirit can imagine, even a “normal” human spirit! For them, the law of cause and effect will be put into action all at once!
So, for you, Children of the Light, for you who, with truly much steadfastness, regularity, and willpower, serve this Light and this Love, the destiny will be much gentler, much easier! Above all, do not be demobilized, above all do not be waiting for something that could destabilize you!
This initial plan will be accomplished, this is obvious, but the means of accomplishment of the initial plan can of course change.”
They are telling me again:
“Study the sky! There will be more and more manifestations in the sky, some manifestations that you may not even understand. They will sometimes be totally positive manifestations, sometimes some unwanted manifestations, but these last ones will be eradicated.
The Great powerful Beings of Light who manage planet Earth are going to act to save a maximum of beings of pure heart, who only want one thing: to go towards the Light and Love.
They are also going to “crack down” in a certain way, by acting for your Mother Earth who needs help in order to be able to launch herself and to elevate herself towards her new plane of existence. At the level of humans, at the level of planet Earth, all is going to happen in a very beautiful harmony, a very beautiful coordination.
Therefore, we are going to say it and will repeat it:
Think about yourself! Up until the moment when all will shift, think about being happy, think about loving yourself, think about offering what you can offer to those who surround you, without forgetting yourself obviously, because to offer while forgetting yourself is not what is asked of you either!
What is asked of you, is first to think of yourself, to offer yourself to yourself, to open yourself to the Love that is in you, do not be afraid of what you are and of what you are becoming! When you will really begin to open up to all of that, you can be very, very, very efficient in relation to those who are still asleep, in relation to those who must awaken, because among the ones who are asleep there are some beautiful souls who have allowed themselves to be hypnotized.”
They are telling me this:
“We have never really spoken to you about this, but in the current era the somber beings, and even the more than somber ones, who are rampant on planet Earth, employ some terrible means to hypnotize and imprison humans.
There is always a shock in return, and this shock is coming soon! All those who have done the most horrible things on this planet will experience this shock, this return of the boomerang in a time that we hope will be very soon.
We are working very much, really very much with all the beings on Earth who have implicated themselves for this great change, for this great quantum leap.
You are not aware of it, but you implicate yourself by what you are, by your thoughts, by the Love that you can offer, you also implicate yourself much for the renewal and to help your brothers and planet Earth to elevate themselves to their new plane of existence.
What more can we tell you? We cannot tell you everything for a thousand and one reasons!
One of the most essential reasons, is that the plan be accomplished, we know it, we have seen it, but we cannot reveal certain things to you because several scenarios are possible. We could show you a scenario that could be applied based on the awakenings of consciousness and on what you are today, therefore valid today, but which will not be valid tomorrow because the consciousness of humans in this world will have changed.
The only thing we can tell you with great certainty is that it matters little what will happen in your world, you will go inescapably towards the Golden Age! We repeat, you will go inescapably towards the Golden Age! This planet, which is magnificent but soiled at all levels, will rediscover its vibration and an energy of Love, of Beauty, of Serenity, and of Joy.
You must be able to understand that the diverse kingdoms are also capable of restoring themselves, of manifesting joy, beauty, serenity, and Love. When you see a plant that is resplendent, it shines with joy, the joy of being happy, of showing its beauty, its harmony, of showing its usefulness if it is a plant that nourishes you, etc. Therefore, all the diverse kingdoms are going to be able to manifest all that they really are, the animal kingdom obviously even more than the other kingdoms.
It is for all that we have just told you that we cannot give you the scenario that will be applied. We have given you some leads that are not necessarily valid, because once again you can change the scenario, or simply the timeline.
We have told you this a long time ago: your timeline is like the grooves of your old albums where there was a little needle for listening to music; it could happen that some dust could change the groove, therefore a piece of the music was missing.
Well, here it is the same! You can skip a groove even if it is not something that is circular; you can change the timeline for reasons that belong to you, that belong to humanity and to the global consciousness, and at that moment your future will be completely changed; you could walk, going straight upon this groove until the day when there may be something that puts itself on your groove and projects you onto another one. Maybe you will stay on this groove, on that track up until the transition.
We are helping you very much, but human beings must also be able to help themselves, to understand, to awaken, and above all, be able to eradicate the fears that hold them in bondage, the fears that maintain them under hypnosis.
Fear of what exactly? You must be able to ask yourself the question: “What am I afraid of?”
Are you afraid of death? Death is Life!
So? Apart from that, what are you afraid of?
Maybe, you human beings dread death in particular, the departure, but the departure to go where? As you could say, towards more clement skies, towards a much more agreeable life!
Therefore, be happy for all those who leave and perhaps feel sorry for those who remain and who must experience some situations that are sometimes terrible!
Continue as much as you can to visit one another, to connect yourselves with what we are, this will be a great thing of good for each of you and for your brothers.
At a given moment, which could be very soon, you will pass to a higher level of what you are in consciousness, we could say into the fourth or fifth dimension. At that moment, without doing anything, you will radiate, very simply! You will radiate Love, you will radiate peace, serenity, joy, and just by passing by certain persons, you could communicate in a vibratory way what you are; this could awaken them and do them a world of good!
Speech is not necessary, energy is necessary! It is up to you to transform what you are into a totally different energy, a positive energy, an energy of transformation and of Love. You can do it!”
And they are saying with a big smile:
“Not only can you do it, but you will also do it!”
© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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