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Published around Mar 10, 2022.
This post is a translation (with the help of Google Translate) of the original French version titled:
3 jours d’obscurité, suite…

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3 Days of Darkness, continued…


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05 March 2022
“Brothers of the Earth, Children of Light, it is always with immense happiness that we come to you.

We understand that after the message there are many questions, perhaps some fears and also a lot of joy. This is why today we want to give you some additional information.

It is not possible, when delivering such a message, to go into the smallest details, because some of them cannot be given to you. We remind you that what is happening, or at least what is going to happen, is something gigantic that goes far beyond human consciousness, far beyond your imagination. It is something magnificent and if you were really aware of what is to come to you, souls of Light, you would be in such joy that there would not be, even for a second, traces of fear. In you. This immense joy would create in you like fireworks, that is to say, it would make you aware of who you are and of your own Divinity, of your own belonging to the Universe.

Human beings, our beloved brothers, are aware of who they are in the place where they live; they are aware of their body, of their spiritual state – at least in part – of their joy, of their pain and of things totally adapted to who they are in their third dimension.

You are going to leave this third dimension. Many of you have already left this third dimension and all those who have left it have great difficulty in living harmoniously in your time, in the current civilization.

We are going to say two words about your civilization: you know, from one end of your planet Earth to the other, your civilization is totally sick; she is sick of having cut herself off from her essence, from God Father Mother, from her own Divine essence. When the people of planet Earth, as a whole, are sick, they must be treated.

So, before the extraordinary and wonderful shift, everyone will be given the opportunity, in these last days, to become more aware of who they are and to work in respect, in Love, in Light, with the new consciousness of who he is and where he is going.

More and more Lightworkers will be taught in their sleep or waking state. More and more beings will become benevolent and less and less they will generate fears.

For the moment you are out of balance, that is to say that part of humanity is still suffering. Another part of humanity is actually beginning to awaken and commit to total transformation, consciously or unconsciously.

Now let’s talk about the things needed to understand better.

You human beings have enormous Love for the animal kingdom. We understand it easily.

You need to know that you will in no way be separated from the pets you love. (We are talking about small animals).

All large animals, that is to say those that you call wild animals, which are free animals as we have always liked to tell you, whether they are domestic animals such as horses, cows, sheep, etc., they will be saved.

They tell me :

They will not be put into stasis, they will be removed. It seems impossible and gigantic to you; can you imagine the power of the Great Beings of Light whose mission is to help the worlds to switch to another time, to another space?

Why will all these animals be taken elsewhere, to other places, to then be reintegrated if they wish, with a collective or individual consciousness depending on the animal species? Because God Father Mother, in his immense Love has total respect for life. God created life; as you have been told, Divine Mother is in all life. All that you perceive outside, in the various kingdoms and even in your fellow human beings, is the manifestation of God in the life that he offered, that he created, so there is no fear to have!

Of course, those who do not have a sufficiently awakened consciousness will be able to say that we tell stories, that it is not possible, but what is possible and what is not? If you take a step back from your technology, what is now possible might seem magical to human beings who lived two hundred years ago like flying in the sky, having the ability to communicate, to see a person in the other side of the world thanks to technology. Anything is possible, and that’s way beyond what you can put into the word “possible”.

Don’t be afraid of the animals! Your small pets will be able to stay with you and as you have been told, when this state of stasis begins, they will be removed also.

We would like to emphasize this: all is fair! Do you believe that the Universe is not fair? Do you believe that Father Mother God who created all life is not righteous?

So, of course, there are worlds still in involution compared to other worlds that are much more advanced, but as we told you, there are billions of mansions where each soul can go to experience life. Don’t stay stuck in your little world, in your little consciousness. Expand that consciousness as much as possible, try to start speaking as a galactic being, as a cosmic being. Don’t limit yourself to Earth anymore because soon Earth as you know it will be no more. We do not mean that it will be destroyed, (be sure that is far from our way of expressing ourselves)! No, it will be rebuilt!

We are going to speak for a few more moments of these “three days of night”, although these words are not suitable because they are restricted and limiting. The words “three days of darkness or night”, do not correspond to reality, but we always try to find a language adapted to what and who you are.

There will be noises, of course, but there will be such turbulences, such transformations, that it is essential that you do not see them, because you will not be able to do so. At the very beginning of these “three days”… (again “three days” is not the exact words, but we will continue to say it) you will not be in stasis, YOU WILL BE IN VERY HIGH LEVEL SPIRITUAL PREPARATION, because many veils will be removed from you all at once and you will understand the need to find yourself, to connect, to also connect to what is higher within you and to connect to the Source.

During these “three days of night”, in the first moments of darkness, your Guides will be very present. Some of you will be able to see them, others will receive reassuring messages.

What else can we tell you? If… something very important! We have said this before, but there are things that must be emphasized and repeated, because when you listen to our messages, you focus your attention on what, in the moment, catches your intellect, your consciousness.

We said that life is sacred. So, all the beings who do not have a home, for a thousand reasons, cultural or social reasons, all these beings will be removed as a priority, that is to say put under shelter as a priority, except – and that we want to say it because it is very important – unless these beings have no Love in their hearts, unless these beings are in revolt, in violence, if they are totally at the service of shadow. These beings will disappear, but not in the same way. They will have died to earthly life to be reborn elsewhere because the adventure, that is to say the evolution, continues ad infinitum.

We will say this again because it is very important:

Any person, wherever they are, who has or has not traveled a spiritual path, who has or has not followed a religious teaching, who has Love in their heart, who knows nothing about spirituality or religion but who is able to love, who is able to be benevolent, who is able to bring relief, comfort and help to his brothers, will be taken where he should be after the state of stasis.

So, don’t worry about your family, because there will come a time, and it is very important that it be said: there will come a time when you will be able to find, if you really wish, all those you have loved deeply on planet Earth before this moment of stasis.

When you are reintegrated on this world or elsewhere, according to your deepest wish, you will also be able to find the beings who have left the plane of the Earth and who will have, at that time, the possibility of manifesting themselves before you; they will not necessarily have the same body as yours, but they will be able to create a body by the spirit.

You will also have the ability (we have already said this) to communicate telepathically.

As for your animals who have been so dear to your heart, who have a soul and not the collective soul, may also choose to come back to you if there has been a very strong emotional bond between you and them.

What can we add to all this? Once again we say: get ready! What is going to happen on this world, in the entire Galaxy, is something immense, something that you cannot imagine as human beings but that you will experience.

You can ask us: “when”? And we will answer you: we do not know. We do not know it ! It may sound weird to you, but even we don’t know the date as you might wish, because cosmic time (as we said) is not earth time, the time of the astral or the time we live in. We live outside of time, of course, but even for us who speak through this channel, it is something so gigantic that we cannot grasp the moment. We will follow the movement. »

They tell me well : “We will follow the movement!

We can also tell you this:

We, who have communicated with this channel that you have listened to for a very long time, will be able to have the joy of manifesting ourselves to you. So some of us will manifest to you with form, to others we will manifest not with form but with light. Your Brothers of Light will not take form, but they will be able to manifest themselves in another way to you because you will already have another consciousness; you will be able to perceive them beyond the analysis of the mind, beyond the vision, beyond your perceptions which are so reduced, almost to nothing, at the present time of your life. When we say “nullified” we mean that in relation to the perceptions you will have, you are blind, you are deaf, you do not see what surrounds you, you do not hear sounds that are not still perceptible to your ears.

That’s a little bit of what we wanted to say. We have strayed from the subject sometimes, but it is so vast, so immense that we could talk about it for days and days because we always have something to add.

The Sacred leads you to the Divine. Ignoring the Sacredness of life leads you away from the Divine.

These “three days of darkness” will be, do not forget, the greatest spiritual initiation; this is how you must conceive of what is going to happen to you!

“If you love yourself, you will love others; if you don’t judge yourself, you won’t judge others; if you fully accept yourself, you will accept others. So just love yourself.

Try to discover the most beautiful qualities that remain in you; these qualities of the heart, these qualities of the soul, this benevolence. »

They tell me :

“Now may your road be magnificent. Sow the most beautiful flowers, illuminated by the most beautiful Light there is. May your path be gentle, full of Love and grow in all of this. You are loved, you are helped by the Universe much more than you realize.

Sometimes you feel like you are alone, but you are and you will never be alone. Near each of you dwell marvelous Beings who take your hand, but you do not feel it, who show you the way; sometimes you take this path that they show you and sometimes you take the opposite path. So there, sometimes there are painful experiences, but now you will be aware that you are walking together, that you are not alone and that you will never be.

Be blessed, we love you infinitely and we say see you very soon. »


© 1984-2022 Monique Mathieu

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