A First Hand Account from Dr. Mobeen Sayed about the Establishment, Big Tech etc. stifling Free Speech, Censorship & Harrassment | Mar 9, 2022 (Video)

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Support from others in the medical community – a comment from Dr. Robert S. Gould:
Dr. Sayed, I am a physician, a former Chief of Surgery at a Mass. hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Surgery at the U. of Mass. School of Medicine.  
I have followed your YouTube videos for the past year. Your videos are educational, illuminating, and entirely valid in your review of new scientific information.  
I, personally, have learned a lot from you.  Your videos are an important contribution to our education and to our understanding of medical issues.  
I will hereby ask YouTube to void any obstruction to your valuable information.  
Robert S. Gould, M.D.



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