Adronis – “Batten Down the Hatches” + Q&A & Earth Meditation | Brad Johnson Wisdom Transmissions | May 1, 2024 (Video)


Join me this Wednesday at 9am Pacific for the next episodes of Wisdom Transmissions Gathering Live as I’ll be communicating with Adronis for a transmission + Q&A and a meditation for healing of the Earth.

The complete broadcast that includes Brad showcasing his services and products, starts at:

~ 1 hr 45 min


Content Source/Owner: Brad Johnson Wisdom Transmissions

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Wisdom Transmissions is a channel created by Brad Johnson, psychic/intuitive, energy healer, spiritual technology inventor, and teacher of ancient spiritual practices. Through our Internet TV channel, you can find a wide range of interviews, advice and techniques to bring you further into full circle knowledge of who you truly are. Join us as spiritual teachings have never been shared so simply and effectively.

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