Nakshatras in Detail | Vedic Astrology Through Animations (Video)


This video explains the concept of Nakshatras and their divisions in detail with the help of animation.

It gives a distinction between the zodiac signs, the Nakshatras, and the Padas. There is also a story about Nakshatras at the end of the video.

This video explains:

1. What are Nakshatras?
2. What is the basis of the division of the sky into Nakshatra?
3. What is the importance of the moon in the division of the sky into Nakshatra?
4. Are there 27 or 28 Nakshatras?
5. How many stars are contained in different Nakshatras?
6. What is Yogtara?
7. Why is Vedic Astrology the astrology of seers?
8. How nakshatras are related to the zodiac signs?
9. What is the value of each division of Nakshatra?
10. Does One Zodiac contain Two and a quarter Nakshatras?
11. What is the relation between Nakshatras and the Initial Letter of the Name of a person born under the nakshatra?
12. Which zodiac signs and Nakshatras fall under which Tatva?
13. What are Gandanta Nakshatras?
14. What is the story behind Moon, Prajapati Daksha, Nakshatra, Waxing, and Waning Moon?
15. How did Somnatheswar emerge?

The Constellations, Planets and the Moon shown in the animation are simplified illustrations. They are not to scale or proportions and are only for the purpose of a clearer description.

This video was published on Jun 22, 2021

14 min


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