Australia Isn’t a Free Country Anymore | Nomad Capitalist | Sep 26, 2021 (Video)

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Nomad Capitalist
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Which country is perhaps the most restrictive nowadays?  Do you still have freedom in Australia?  
In this video, Andrew shares an article from about how ”Australia traded away too much liberty” and why now is the time to take action to get your second residence, second citizenship, and protect your freedom from your country.
00:00 Start  
0:51 Australia Traded Away Too Much Liberty – Restrictions in Australia – Australian Government – Australian citizenship 
1:53 Second passport – Second residence  
2:35 Australia has become a hermit continent – Taxes in Australia – Can the government restrict your freedom?  
7:02 Human rights  
10:33 Freedom in U.S and Australia  
11:56 Post-communist countries 
– Georgia 
– Chile  


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