Lockdowns Summit in London – Jul 17, 2021 | Dan Astin-Gregory (Video)

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Dan Astin-Gregory
Full day session – 8 hr 30 min

Lockdowns Summit LIVE in London

This landmark event features a selection of 18 eminent speakers who will critically assess the response to Covid-19 and explore how the world can responsibly begin to live with the virus, without further lockdowns.

For full programme and summit details please visit http://www.questioneverything.io


TIMESTAMPS (credit: UK Response)


00:39:00NICK HUDSON Why was the Pandemic rulebook thrown out?

01:06:30DR CLARE CRAIG Were the measures of COVID19 Flawed? 1) COVID Transmission 2) Overdiagnosis of COVID

01:36:00PROFESSOR NORMAN FENTON Why the statistics driving COID-19 are flawed


02:19:00PROFESSOR DAVID PATON :Did the lockdowns work?

02:45:00Panel: PROFESSOR KAROL SIKORA, ZENOBIA STORAH, LUKE JOHNSON, Moderator JON DOBINSON -Has the global response to COVID19 caused more harm than good?

03:30:00Q&A – All speakers so far


05:05:00FRANK FUREDI : Is the Tradeoff between Freedom and Safety an illusion?

05:27:00Panel: TOBY YOUNG, FRANCIS HOAR, LEE JONES, Moderator WILL JONES – What are the wider legal, political and social repercussions?

06:15:00PETER CASTLEDEN How can we learn to live with the virus?

06:30:00Afternoon break

07:00:00PROFESSOR PETER MCCULLOUGH Repurposed drugs, early treatments

07:30:00PROFESSOR KAROL SIKORA, PROFESSOR DAVID LIVERMORE, DR ANTHONY HINTON: How can we learn to live with the virus?

08:45:00LUKE JOHNSON Closing Keynote



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