Brussels – What Really Happened at the Jan 23, 2022 Protests? | Janet Ossebaard (FallCabal) – Short Film

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This video was published on Jan 27, 2022.
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January 23, 2022: Half a million people went to Brussels (Belgium, EU capital) to demonstrate against the mandatory QR-codes and Covid vaccinations. 
What was a beautiful, colorful. and peaceful protest was corrupted by Antifa, the Police, the Military, and the Main Stream Media. 
This short film shows you the evidence of a scam, a set-up to make the “anti-vaxxers” look like criminals, vandals, aggressors. 
It’s time to expose the oppressors of the People! 
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Script, voice-over and editing: Janet Ossebaard
The Fall of the Cabal


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