Michael Jaco – “General Flynn Exposed?” | David Nino Rodriguez | Jan 27, 2022 (Video and My Thoughts)

Some information on Gen. Michael Flynn and Sidney Powell.
Are there some willful narratives been propagated to portray weakness, and divisiveness within the patriots movement, in this ongoing information and spiritual war?


How do we assess people’s actions? Are they acting out of self interest, greed, fear, coercion, self preservation, cowardice, or from being mk-ultraed?
Who are White Hats and who are working for the Deep State? 
The passage of time will reveal all this, and we can then perhaps look back at our perceptions, and acknowledge our insecurities, our prejudices and biases. Did we listen to our intuition and go with our hunches, or get distracted by the barrage of information and chaotic thoughts?
We are all imperfect humans. What choices are we making despite the current overwhelming confusion, even mayhem, and with the challenge of discerning which sources or information to trust?
Take a deep breath and soldier on. We are reborn each day with renewed vigor and clarity.
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David Nino Rodriguez
~ 1 hr
Michael Jaco lists the reasons why he believes General Flynn deserves a second look and why he believes can not be trusted. 
This video definitely raises some red flags, but the jury is still out with me. You be the judge..
A Counter-Opinion:

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