Cosmic Gateway joins World Unity Week ~ 22-25th June 2021 (Video)

Guest Speakers:

David Icke
Dale Holmes
Mary Rodwell
Todd Medina
Valerie Barrow
Peter Maxwell Slattery
Allison Coe
Judith Kusel
Rebecca Rose
Ana from Vitraya
Journey to Truth (Tyler & Aaron)
Nick de Zwart
Steve Nobel
Katie Jane
Infused with Light (Jen)
Donovan Gall
Ascension Diaries (Alexis)
Cosmic Origins (Jayse)
Hester de Vries
Larissa Bridget
Jo Brooks
Karie Gonia
Content Source/Owner:

Cosmic Gateway – Alisha Braché
4 min
World Unity Week ~ 19-26th June 2021
Join on Facebook over 4 days for this amazing lineup of guests for Conversations, Interview, Presentations & Interactive segments.
All shown livestreaming on Facebook during World Unity Week
Find out more about World Unity Week: 
Massive Thank-you & credit to Natalie Merino for creating this Video!

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