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Remain united!
“Children of the Earth, Children of the Stars, hello.
It is with much Love that we come to you. There are so, so many things to say, so many things to understand!
First of all, you must understand that you are living in a very particular time; you do not succeed in situating yourself in this very particular time because everything is short-circuiting. There is short-circuiting in the energies, the energies of fear, of suffering, of doubt, the energies of happiness and joy also, but that is not the question.
We would like to ask you a question: who are you? Who are you really? Are you simply a being of flesh and blood? Are you a being of Love, a being of energy? Are you a very superior consciousness? Who are you?
Ask yourself the question of knowing if all that can be said in the medias, no matter what they are, is the true word, a word that can allow you to have an answer to: “Who are you?”
How do you function? Do you function in relation to yourself, in relation to what surrounds you? Do you function in relation to the news that is given you right and left? Have you forgotten the sacred? Have you forgotten who you really are? Have you forgotten that beyond appearance, there is truth? Obviously, the truth is not the same for everyone, just like the level of consciousness, just like evolution!
Right now, all humanity is taken up in an immense whirlwind! You know what tornados are and cyclones! At this time, humanity is taken up in the tornados, in the cyclones, and it no longer succeeds in knowing where it is, who it is! It no longer knows what it is, it no longer succeeds in knowing if it is alive!
What is life? Life…this is a great question! Life is a momentary reality that you live in the moment, but beyond this life, the life of total harmony with what you are really exists!
Can you live in total harmony when you do not know who you are, while you are all more or less carried away by the whirlwind of the non-life?
You could rediscover the true life in this world! From the moment when all will lighten up in you, where there will no longer be great, very great disturbances, you will rediscover little by little life and you will have some answers that you do not have right now.
Do you think that a being who finds himself caught up in a whirlwind, cyclones, has enough equilibrium and stability to know who he is, to know if what he is living is true or false, to know if he is being led in such a such direction?
We are going to tell you that there is no one direction! If these moments of great turpitude, in these moments where the human consciousness loses a little discernment, in these moments where there are many more falsehoods than truths, the only truth is to respect life, the Sacredness of life, the consciousness that is beyond the form, life exists with an intensity that you cannot even imagine!
Your body does not allow you to feel or conceive of the reality of life! When we speak about the “sacred reality of Life” we wish to speak about the sacred reality of Love.
In these obscure times where everyone becomes more or less blind, where everyone more or less considers his brother as an enemy instead of considering him as a friend, as a brother, to only see in him a being of Love, you have lost the Light!
Of course, we are not speaking about you! There is still a Light that shines in each of you, but you must blow upon this Light like you do on a fire that you revive constantly for it to become dazzling!
All those who surround you have need of your Light, all those who surround you have need of your Love! Therefore, you must know how to open your arms, you must know how to welcome, you must know how to reassure.
We do not wish to go into detail about all that is happening, about all that is dividing humans, because tomorrow, Children of the Earth, it is Love that will unite beings!
When all of the cyclones and tornados, and all the agitations calm down, what will remain? What will remain of you? What will remain of all that surrounds you? Life, because Life is Love, because Life is the Light! Therefore, those who wish to live, those who wish to offer, those who wish to console, those who wish for harmony and beauty will live!
Those who only want a virtual life, a life of false pleasures, a life of illusions will not be able to adapt to this immense transformation! You, Children of the Light, Children of Love, you will always be there to open your arms to those who come towards you.
The duty of those who have understood what Life is, what Love is, is to accept to help, to help even the ignorant who are young souls, souls who do not have the experience that you do! You are, in a certain way, privileged, but we are going to say that the privilege has no value except from the moment that you invest yourself!
Right now, the Book of Knowledge is open to everyone. There are people who read in the Book of Knowledge and there are others who do not have or will not have the will, nor the capacity, nor the courage to do so, to turn the pages; they will go and read other books that correspond better with what they are for the moment.
Children of the Earth, Children of the Light, we would also like to tell you that everything is going to accelerate, that you do not have much more time to live, to learn what “to live” means, that you do not have much more time to grow in life, in Love, in the Light! Truth and feeling constantly evolve, and we know that all the awakened beings, that all those who feel the truth with their heart will use this time to go in the right direction!
Use this time to totally leave aside all that is not Light, all that can make your vibratory frequency lower!
Do not listen to those who can still sow discord!
Do not listen to those who wish to slow down the advancement!
Do not judge, do not judge yourself! Beings are what they are, with their evolution and their comprehension of the moment, just as you are what you are with your evolution, your comprehension, and your Love of the moment!
Tomorrow will be another time, tomorrow will be a time of respect, the sacred time of Life, of the true Life, the time where all humans will become aware that they are not a being of flesh and blood. They are and will be much more! They will be as if transported into another reality into a sublime reality of the rebirth of the true Life!
Up until now, you have experienced some sketches of life, sometimes a little chaotic, sometimes very agreeable, but you have simply followed the courant, the courant that has often been imposed on you.
Now you are going to live free, free to grow in Love, free to take your brothers in your arms and to tell them: “You are like I am, it matters little if you are still a child at the level of consciousness, because in the Love that dwells in you, you are equal to me! The difference is perhaps that I have become aware a little earlier than you, but I will help you every day to become aware of who you are.”
Children of the Earth, in this great moment of division, remain united! In this moment where those who govern you wish to constantly create very inferior vibrations, remain united! Remain united in yourself, honor the Divine Presence in you, honor Life, honor the Light and Love!
The time of the shadows has passed! Now the time of restructuring and of reconstruction has arrived, whether it is human or nature, because all that is not Light, all that is not Love, all that is not the true Life, is going to be consumed.
We have spoken to you several times about this immense Vibration that emanates from Alcyone, that emanates from the deepest part of the Universe and that is there to give the second breath to Life, which explains your states of profound transformation, your states of fatigue. You are in the process of rebirth, you are going towards the reality of life, the true Life!
Do not waste anymore time giving energy to that which you should not!
Do not waste anymore time causing yourself harm by believing the lies of the State!
Expect very soon some great upsets, interior and exterior!
Nature, just like men, is in the process of transforming itself. It is going to rediscover a new beauty, a new equilibrium, a new force! It is preparing itself for tomorrow, it is preparing itself to offer all that it can of the most beautiful in it, to Life.
Do the same! Prepare yourself to offer what is most beautiful in you to Life, that is to say the Love and Light in you! Do not be afraid of Life, do not be afraid of Love, do not be afraid of the Light!
You are the Life, you are Love, you are the Light. Remain centered in your heart!
If you feel it, grow with what we tell you! Nothing must be imposed, everyone must be free to feel, everyone must be free to choose the direction of his life!
Tomorrow, unity will be in this world we can affirm this to you!
In the meantime, keep confidence and faith in yourself, in Life and in Love!”
© 1984-2021 Monique Mathieu

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