Downloads for Q&A on Current Situation, Timelines – Michelle Fielding and Amy Satori | Sep 13, 2021 (Video)

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Michelle Fielding -Spiritual Coach
Amy Satori
1 hr 32 min
Summary and Time markers:
Amy Satori – Intro – 0.00
Intro on the process of getting info/downloads about the questions – 2.25
1. Did Donald Trump win the 2020 Election? – 3.14
2. When is Trump coming back? – 8.13
3. Do you think that President Trump will run for 3 or 4 more years? – 20.35
4. What is the next phase in the USA timeline or story? – 30.15
5. Are we going to metaphorically have a near death experience? – 39.13
6. Related to a vision: Was that the actual military on the ground or is that metaphorically where the military are creating a base (foundation) for where we are going in the future?  – 43.42
7. The variant names (of covid) that are coming up…apparently the final one is going to be called Omega….
Are the names of these variants, military code for the stage that they are at, in terms of getting the process together (QFS, rescue of children)?  –  51.41
8. What has to happen before the QFS can go fully live worldwide for the citizens?  – 56.34
9. Will the NESARA/GESARA documention and protocols be running alongside the wording of the declaration of independence (in it’s new modern form)? – 1.09.56
10. How are the Galactics helping us at this time? – 1.14.45 

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