Dr Steve James: I’d sacrifice my job over vaccine mandates | UnHerd | Jan 12, 2022 (Video)

Freddie Sayers meets NHS consultant Dr Steve James.

Listen to the podcast version: https://play.acast.com/s/5fad6d24bc034454b53fe011/61def5271b071d00126efdc1

Accompanying article here: https://unherd.com/thepost/dr-steve-james-id-sacrifice-my-job-over-vaccine-mandates/

Dr Steve James is a critical care consultant at King’s College Hospital in London.
When Health Secretary Sajid Javid visited last Friday, he asked the NHS staff about what they thought of the forthcoming mandates that will make Covid vaccination a condition of deployment for NHS staff. 
Dr James spoke out, saying why he was against the mandate and why he hadn’t taken the vaccine himself.

It made headlines across the UK media, in particular coming from a Cambridge-educated NHS frontline doctor. 

Dr James came in to the UnHerd studio to explain his position in more detail to Freddie Sayers.
// Timecodes // 
00:00 – Introduction  
01:40 – Is the unvaccinated doctor who confronted Sajid Javid an anti-vaxxer?
05:36 Why did Dr Steve James decide not to take the covid vaccine?  
09:00 – Is the doctor’s decision scientific? 
10:03 – The vaccine mandate for NHS staff – good or bad?  
16:26 – How has the reaction to Steve’s viral exchange been received by his colleagues?
19:25 – Will Steve ever get the jab?  
20:27 – Does Steve worry his comments will be misused by ant-vaxx campaigners?
22:14 – Does Omicron render the vaccine pointless? 
25:29 – Would taking the vaccine compromise Steve’s integrity as a doctor?
28:44 – What would Dr Steve James’s vaccine policy be?  
33:43 – Does the government’s vaccine strategy make sense?  
36:05 – Will the vaccine mandate happen? Will Steve lose his job?  
37:27 – End



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