FLCCC Weekly Update Jan. 12, 2022: Kids & COVID (Video)

A marker for another YouTube video censorship. YT will have to answer in the future for their suppression of alternative medical treatments for Covid-19, and any questioning of the “official” narrative (of govts and health authorities, “experts”).


This was a video of an experienced pediatrician giving many different low cost alternative drugs/treatments that have worked to treat children affected by Covid-19 in her own clinical practice, and her advice would have allayed the concerns of parents who may have been primarily watching/listening to the corporate media scare tactics and hysteria.
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The Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance (FLCCC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and treating COVID-19 and improving outcomes for patients with the disease.
1 hr 17 min
In last night’s webinar, pediatrician and CEO of The RIMLAND Center, Dr. Liz Mumper discusses all things related to children and COVID. 
She talks about how our young people have been impacted by the pandemic, the major risk factors they face, and what vitamins and medicines they should take. 
Dr. Marik joins her and together they answer important questions about children and about the omicron variant.
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