Freedom Convoy – Accountability and Transparency | Irnieracing News | Feb 9, 2022 (Video)

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Common Law Essentials:
Freedom Convoy Organizers:
Bridgette Belton – Helped Create
Chris Barber – Organizer
Tarama Leach – Organizer
Sean Tyson – DC Road Captain
Dr. Roger Hopkinson – Pathologist from Edmonton
Jeffrey Bovin – Running command center for communications to assist the needs of truckers and all involved.
Tom Quiggin – protective intelligence for truck drivers, protective intelligence for paramedics and police and citizens.
Dana Metcalf – National Recognized Humanitarian
Dr. Paul Alexander – Evidence based medicine specialist
Miranda Gager – Road Captain from Lloyd Minister
Dale Lance – Road captain from Manitoba
Ryan Hillitz – Prince Albert Road Captain for Sask.
Joe Jansen – Manitoba road captain  
Tom Marazzo – Professor in computer science department at Georgian College Ontario (Applied Arts and Technology school)
Daniel Buford –  Ex-Prime Minister Personal bodyguard / Trained Sniper
Pat King – Trucker, influencer?
What are the actual intentions of the leaders of the convoy and the police/politicians?

GoFundMe and Trucker Convoy – business and law breakdown.

 a) incorporate, not for profit corporation, banking accounts and other establishments, Lawyers and accountants involved, Funds are being held in trust (trust account), all the accounting and legal checkboxes have occurred, audit procedures.


a) inciting violence, over exaggerating the circumstances, name calling people participating in the convoy.
b) What is missing?


a) The leaders of the convoy can financially profit but aren’t being held accountable.
b)  the police/politicians are making false claims and threats but aren’t being held accountable.

How do we restore accountability?

a) Know how to stand in our power and stop playing the role of a victim (protest, petition, argue).
b) Know how to hold others accountable (file claims that have been verified with evidence and documentation).
c) Know how to hold ourselves accountable (what is our jurisdiction and responsibility and what isn’t).

What happens once accountability is restored?

a) We continue to correct all harm and wrongdoing to all men and women of earth until are has been repaired (no one suffers).
b) Find what excites us and start living the life we desire.
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