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Published around Feb 9, 2022.
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Préparez-vous, tout risque d’aller très vite !
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Get ready, everything is going to go very quickly! 



They tell me :

“More than ever we are infinitely happy, infinitely happy to be among you.

Timing is so important. For so many years that we have spoken to you about this end of time, this new time, now you are there; you end the old time because it had to end, it has to end in order to be able to really be ready for this new time, for this great renewal of humanity.

For so many years we have tried to accompany you, we have told you many things but you have forgotten so much. But we understand that you, our fellow human beings, can forget because you are often out of step, in relation to yourselves and vibrationally; you are also totally caught up in the whirlwind of your lives and that too is important because a life is a great experience. So all the work, all this accompaniment that we have done with our channel and with all of those who have followed us, in a way, all of this work now sees fulfillment, but this fulfillment is also you who will.

Each of you will participate in this immense mutation, that is to say that deep within you already know that you no longer belong to the old world. Deep within you are being pushed, pulled towards this new world that is calling you, so let this really be spiritual awakening.

It is not through politics or money that the world will change, it is through you, through your successive awareness, through your positions in life, through the acceptance not only of what you have been, of what you are but of what you will become. When we say ‘of what you have been’, we mean that you have to have immense forgiveness for yourself, a lot of compassion for the difficult times you may have had and experienced in your life, but a lot of joy also for all the marvelous moments that carried you, for all those marvelous moments when you felt truly joyful. Again and again you will have many moments when you will feel this joy and serenity deep within yourself.

You will have extraordinary moments, difficult moments, moments when you will still question yourself, not only about the path to follow but about who you are.

This society in which you live will also mutate, transform profoundly, it must be so; you are at the end, but you are also at the beginning of the beginning. These are evolutionary cycles, on a small scale and on the scale of your Solar system, of the Universe; everything is constantly moving. You move, you evolve, you open up, you understand, you integrate. In the Universe it is the same, everything moves, everything evolves but obviously not in the human way; in a gigantic way that completely escapes you. Nothing is fixed. You are not fixed, life is not fixed. If you were, you would simply no longer exist. Each day, when you rise, honor this new day because it allows you again and again to grow, to understand and to love better.

In your third dimensional worlds, especially in the current times, at this end of cycle, you have excluded from your lives, we are not necessarily talking about you but many human beings have excluded from their lives the sacredness of life , have excluded from life their relationship to the Source or at least, they have not understood that in each being who lives on this world there is a Divine particle. If you are aware that God created everything, that He is the Father of all things… then we say “God”, we say “the Great Architect of the Universe”. The words again are not of paramount importance because you on Earth will call the Grand Architect of the Universe God, but in other spheres of existence He does not have that name or He has no name at all; He is simply recognized, recognized as the Father of all things from whom emanates sacred life.

Now you will be obliged, in a certain way, to rediscover this sacred within you, to rediscover the sacred around you, to reconsider your way of seeing and living your life, but in this you will be considerably helped. You just have to open your consciousness wide, open your heart wide and accept; to accept this great change, this mutation, to accept these new codes of life which will be implanted in the depths of yourselves because, Children of the Earth, Children of the Stars, you are permanently integrating without realizing it account of new codes of life. Whether it’s in your sleep, whether it’s when you feel perfectly happy, whether it’s during your meditations, at any time you can integrate new life codes.

These new codes are multiple. They speak to many parts, not only of your consciousness but of your existence. They will allow you to act and to conceive what you are, differently. Little by little, you will see deep and real transformations within you, then you will understand that you are integrating a new way of being, feeling and loving. »

They show me the codes of life which are like small spheres of Light which go where they must go, so that the being wakes up more and more towards the higher consciousness and towards its new reality, and above all that it accepted.

“You will realize that what you took for pleasures will become futilities in your eyes because you will ask for much more; the pleasures will be spiritual. The pleasures of life, you forget them, you are happy at the moment to have a nice car, a nice house, but after a while you get used to it and you no longer feel pleasure in it. But the spiritual pleasures, those which raise you more each day towards other levels of consciousness, towards other feelings, those you do not forget, they are deeply anchored in you; and when you feel a little weak, a little sad, if that must be, you can remember all those good times, all those spiritual pleasures, all those exchanges with your friends, with yourself. Whatever you may have felt that actually lifted you vibrationally and spiritually, at this time, new energy, new joy, new consciousness floods you.

Spiritual joys are eternal, human joys and pleasures are fleeting; this is how you must consider your life now, nourishing yourself with what is beautiful and forgetting what is not. Feeding yourself with what is beautiful will allow you to ignore, to totally eradicate your weaknesses, your fears. There will come a time when even this word will no longer exist because you will no longer believe in it, because you will have eradicated from yourself this vibration which pulls you down, and as you have this immense desire to go towards up, you won’t even think about all the lower vibrations that might be keeping you from rising to the higher parts of yourself.

As we told you, the new world is at your doorstep. We talk about it and we will talk about it again because it is very important; this is very important to prepare you for it because you are used to living in a certain way, you have not yet acquired the new way of living, with yourself and with your brothers. When we say “live with yourself” we mean to live in harmony with yourself, to live in Love with yourself, because this is very important.

If you are permanently out of step with who you are, you won’t be happy, but you won’t even be able to radiate love and light.

So, of course, you could say to us: “But in this dark world, it is difficult to radiate Love and Light”, we will answer you that if you no longer want to be in this dark world, if you want to, to extract from it, you will do it with great ease because you will no longer be in the third dimension, even no longer in the fourth. You will be in the dimension of Light and Love that suits your world, that is to say that this dimension will, of course, be evolutionary.

In any case, we remember it because it is essential, the “dimensions” are to be associated with spiritual elevation, with the elevation of human consciousness towards a much more extensive consciousness, towards this spiritual consciousness. So, it’s up to you to let go of the little miseries of the ego, to let go of your personalities that sometimes aren’t quite in alignment with what you want to become. Remember that for thousands of incarnations the ego has been a necessary tool. Now this tool is no longer the ego, this necessary tool is the awareness of what you are in wisdom and in Love.

If we are speaking to you like this today it is to prepare you, because everything risks going very quickly in both directions, in the direction of the dark as well as in the direction of the Light, but the Light has taken such a proportion currently on your world that the reign of the dark decreases each day more, and you must take part in the elimination of the dark, of this shadow, already in you and around you. You owe it to yourself to love yourself, to accept yourself, to forgive yourself, to also see what you can accomplish in the totally luminous side of your being, to realize how much you can radiate permanently, without making great efforts, the Light and Love.

We would like each of you to be able for a single second to see your future. You would be so happy, so moved, that in a fraction of a second, your life would change.

Simply imagine a life where fear no longer exists at all, where trust, faith and serenity are part of your daily life, where when you see or come across one of your fellow human beings, you only see in him love, joy and serenity; a life where you will absolutely no longer be afraid of the other, a life where everything will be in order, but also a life where each of you will permanently create your own evolution because it is at infinity, but will also create beauty; a life where beauty will be queen, where it will have an immense place whether in art, whether in everything that surrounds you and in everything that you can generate.

Tomorrow will be like this! Whether by the will of men or whether by the will of the Gods, but when we speak of the Gods we mean the Creator Gods, these extraordinary Beings whose mission is to guide the planet Earth, the Solar system, to guide and protect life. So, whether man likes it or not, now his destiny is going to be fulfilled and his destiny is to go towards the Light, towards this golden age so promised for thousands of years, towards this Universal Love.

Now, we are simply saying to you: keep going, keep moving forward, without asking yourself too many questions, simply by opening your heart. But the essential for your advancement, once again, we will never repeat it enough, is to love you totally, to accept you, to forgive you, because life in matter is not always easy for those who come to experience life; it will become more and more so.”

They show me a picture.

“The new world, compared to what you are now, might make you think of a paradise. Nothing will be the same. There will be no more money, no more power, there will be no more beings who will dominate others in the worst possible way. For the man of today, your tomorrow will be a little paradise but it will be a little paradise in relation to what still awaits you, in relation to the evolution which will be yours, but now open yourselves totally to this consciousness.

More and more, if you ask us for help, we will be close to you; more and more, if you are aware of what you must become, we will be with you; more and more, if you also trust us, we can help you, but in a way that you do not even suspect. »

I see before us a magnificent Being. I know him, he has already come, he is the Master of Wisdom.

He tells me :

“Today, I’m going to make a short visit to you, I’m going to show you a little bit the Great Book of the life of planet Earth.

As you have already been told, each of you also has your own Book of Life in which all experiences are written. »

I see this Big Book. For the moment, I see blank pages, then everything begins to be written.

The first thing that is written is the large word: “Trust”.

The page turns and the words that now register are: “The fears are dissolved. Fears will no longer exist. »

There is another page that is turned and there it is not very pleasant, but I see many people, like a crowd that does not believe, that is frightened, that does not have the help of The Love, that got carried away with false information.

I see at the bottom of the page the words: “They will have a great help.”

The page is turned again and I now see many beings who find themselves, who recognize themselves, who are really in deep joy. At the bottom of the page I see “Back to true brotherhood.” »

In the next page, I simply see a large Sun, a completely yellow Sun which radiates, almost dazzling.

In the next page, I see a radiant nature. Everything is different. This nature I feel in peace.

In the next page, he shows me the different cities. I no longer see buildings at all, I no longer see cities as they exist. At the bottom of the page it says: “Transformation”. The cities were inhuman, therefore, transformation. »

On the following page, I see new cities but not at all like the ones I know. These are towns with all round houses, others which are relatively large and rectangular are houses of life, houses where beings meet. I see in this page that everything is harmonious, that the city can be large but harmonious and serene.

The page turns and there I see men and the animal kingdom. It’s wonderful because men understand their little animal brothers and they communicate with them telepathically. There is a great harmony between the animal kingdom and the human kingdom. At the bottom of the page, the word is written: ““Love”, Love between kingdoms, Love between beings.”

A new page turns and I see a magnificent Being, very luminous, a Being who is not of this world. It is written roughly: “I no longer belong to this world, I have been on this world, now I come to help this world. »

Below it is written: “Light, Love and Divinity. »

A page turns again and I see: “Total Renaissance”.

On the last page that I see, there is nothing inscribed but it is all gilded. It emanates from this page the silence but also, it is as if everything was registered there. I don’t know if you can understand: the silence that really says it all.

The Great Book closes and the Being simply says to me:

“Have total confidence in your future because it is written on the Great Book of Life, just as we have already said, it is written on your own Book of Life.

There are things that cannot be changed, there are things that you can change with the will of Love and a new consciousness. As in this Great Book of Life, some things are immutable and others can change, but if some things change now, it will only be for the good, for the beautiful, for the sacred, for Love. So be it. »

“Now we leave you.

May Peace, Joy and Love illuminate your lives permanently.

We love you infinitely and we say see you very soon. »


© 1984-2022 Monique Mathieu

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