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Monique Mathieu (DuCielAlaTerre.org)
Published around Jan 19, 2022.
This post is a translation (with the help of Google Translate) of the original French version titled:
Avoir confiance en la Vie et en soi
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Have faith in life and in yourself


They tell me :

« More than ever we are infinitely happy, happy to find you again, happy to be able to continue to teach you, happy also to be able to continue through our channel to project these marvelous Vibrations of Love Light.

This year will be a big year. Oh it will be very strange! There will be lots of twists and turns. So we would like to say to all beings who are impatient for everything to happen when the time is right, not to be too impatient because what is happening on your world right now is gigantic, but really gigantic. It’s a “fight” of Titans (even if the word “fight” is not appropriate) between the shadow and the Light, and the shadow for the moment is still powerful but more and more it loses power, its power, and more and more the Light illuminates and absorbs the shadow.

The enslavement (in a certain way) of humanity, has only one time and everything is fair because if there had not been this enslavement of humanity, there would not have been wouldn’t have had the revival that there is in the world now. Of course, you shouldn’t see everything that is happening in relation to a single country, you simply have to see the general aspect of what is happening on planet Earth, and when you are convinced that what is happening on the planet Earth is absolutely not insignificant, that it is really the last, the very last fight between the shadow and the Light, you will understand that it does not happen in a day and that it takes time so that all the strata of your societies, whether in Europe or in all the countries of the world, can awaken to the maximum.

If humanity has been given extra time, it is so that there are as many beings as possible who can pass through this new society, into this new world, but before being able to pass through it we must (ensure) that you are ready. We tell you this constantly but if we do it, it is to put you face to face with yourself so that you know if you are capable of really turning the page of your lives, if you are capable of moving freely towards the new without fear, and here we are going to make such an important little parenthesis concerning fear.

Your world has always been run through fears, it was the most powerful tool of rulers, in all times, except of course in very privileged times when beings did not need police or army. There have been civilizations like this on Earth, where human beings were able to manage themselves. They simply had another consciousness, they simply had another vibrational frequency.

So back to what we were saying, the most important tool of shadow is fear manipulation. We ask you Children of the Earth, we ask you with insistence not to open yourselves to these fears any longer. They will be multiply again and again since it is the shadow’s way of manipulating humanity, to enslave it.

So we would like to tell you this:

Forget all your pandemics, don’t even say the name! Certainly you can still have colds, etc., but if you manage to stabilize yourself within yourself, if you manage to raise yourselves vibrationally and in Love, you will not even have the attacks of these viruses or others.

It is very important not to give (your) body anymore, not to open up to these dis-harmonies because you are weakening, because you are lowering in vibration, and you are asked, in preparation for your new societies, to no longer bring these vibrations. Anyway you will not pass the doors of the new society if you are still steeped in fear, of these vibrations so lower.

So ignore, ignore what’s going on around you. You have nothing to fear and we say it well, you have nothing to fear if you remain serene, if you are in confidence and faith, if you have the possibility of raising your vibratory frequency. The key is there.

If you are subject to the lower parts of yourself, you will automatically be subject to manipulation. So to no longer be subject to these lower parts of yourself, that is to say of course the lowest vibrations, love yourself, love life, trust in what life can bring you, trust totally in your becoming.

Do you sincerely believe that Father Mother God will forget his/her children? Do you sincerely believe that all of you who have made an effort, a lot of effort not to go into these manipulations of fear for two of your years (but it has been going on for so, so long) that Father Mother God is going to forget you?

For the past two years, fear has appeared everywhere. Everywhere you look, everywhere you hear, you will hear this word, this vibration, so close yourself totally to it. Try more and more to go towards what you are.

You can ask The Divine Mother, She will always be there to listen to you and to help you. You can simply ask Her to show you the way and to guide you, but this way which leads to your own Divinity, that is to say towards Her. Don’t be alone anymore or at least don’t be aware that you are alone anymore; no one is alone since you are Children of Light, since you are children of Love, since you are children of Father Mother God.

Do you really think that Father Mother God will abandon you in turmoil? Because it’s not quite over yet, it’s going to fade more and more. You will still have a few difficult moments but the turmoil will ease.

So to speed up this process, try with all your might to totally eradicate the turmoil that may still be agitating you.

You must understand that if you do not give body and force to what is imposed on you, the shadow will no longer have any power. For the moment it has power because it generated this terrible vibration but if you refuse to go into this terrible vibration, it totally loses its power, and you grow in Light and in Love, in higher consciousness.

What we wish for you in this New Year is that each of you may truly find the Light within, that each of you may find that wondrous path that leads to your own Divinity, that each of you can really understand what “Love” means, that each of you can gain confidence in life, in yourself, because with everything that is currently happening many human beings are losing ground, many human beings are in desolation, in suffering.

So what is your role? To cry with the one who cries? Not being able to help those in need? Your role, even in the silence of your heart, is to radiate, to radiate this Love and this Light, to radiate this new Vibration, because you are going to change, you are going to change your vibrational frequency very greatly. You have started, but for now you are still in the rebirth of your own becoming. So get ready, give yourself to the Light, give yourself to this new life, give yourself to what you are really going to become.

In this new earthly year, which for us has no time value, we would like to say to you: permanently radiate confidence and faith. We will tell you that almost (we use the word “almost”), the worst is over. There will still be heavy clouds over the countries, on planet Earth, but the last tenfold forces of the shadow and those who serve it will be weakened more and more. You will have many things which will be revealed, we are not going to say the word “scandal” because it is not useful to say it, but to make you understand we use it all the same.

So prepare for the best but really prepare for the best, within yourself, deep within yourself, prepare for a life of serenity and we are going to say a life of abundance but at all levels. Not necessarily the abundance of goods which is not necessary, it is simply necessary the minimum to be really happy in oneself and with the others, and when we say “the minimum” we mean that each one has enough and especially can have a roof over the head, can have enough to eat, can be healthy, can have human relations, this is what we call the minimum.

They tell me :

“Very soon, there will be no more people sleeping on the streets in the cities, who will not have a roof over their heads, who will not have enough on their plates, soon this, this misery, this suffering , will be eradicated because you will have righteous and good beings who will rule the world. So hang on to that and don’t lament that it hasn’t happened yet. Imagine the rectification of thousands of years of monumental errors and manipulations! We are obliged to put everything in order, from the highest to the lowest, that is to say in all that is humanity. So for the work to actually be done properly and in spiritual awareness, it takes some time, but you are at the End Times.


You are at this extraordinary time which has already been given in your prophecies, you are at this extraordinary time of the Apocalypse which means (you know it) Revelations, but Revelations means changes, therefore Children of the Earth you have this chance to be able to experience these revelations; but when we say “Revelations” we are not talking about sordid revelations about the behavior of certain human beings, we mean by that: revelation of life, revelation of the existence of your Galactic Brothers, revelation of what you are, of what you are going to become, revelation of this new society which is being born. You don’t see it yet because you don’t have the eyes to see it, you don’t feel it because your heart is not yet open enough to feel it but this new civilization is being born in front of you , and you yourself are being reborn and preparing for this new civilization.

We will not talk about all that this immense transformation will be able to generate on your world because we simply want to give you total hope, that you can fill yourselves with this hope, that you can grow in this hope and that it gives you the strength to switch and prepare for this new world.

“Now we leave you.

May Peace, Joy and Love flood your lives permanently.

We Love you infinitely, have confidence and faith, the best is coming, the best is here. Reach out and you will touch, you will begin to touch that best, that best inside of you, that best outside of you, everything is going to change.

We Love you infinitely and we say to you: see you very soon. »


© 1984-2022 Monique Mathieu

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